Medicover hospital

Medical staff

When choosing our Hospital, you entrust your health to the best specialists whom you choose yourself before an examination, a procedure or surgery. Our medical staff consists of 384 doctors, 286 nurses, 42 midwives,  22 technicians (radiologists and ultrasound specialists) who every day treat and save Patients’ lives. 

Medical equipment of the modern generation

We have the most advanced medical equipment which enables quick and accurate diagnostics. The operating theatres are equipped with equipment for minimally invasive surgery (including laparoscopic tower with 3D imaging, da Vinci Robot, 3D echonavigation systems for ablation of the substrate of cardiac arrhythmias), which guarantees:

  • reduce pain,
  • shorten the healing period and reduce postoperative scarring,
  • reduce patient’s recovery and return to an active life,
  • reduce the risk of complications,
  • lower the length of hospital stay.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Our Hospital is a safe place to give birth – we have already welcomed over 8000 children into the world. We have a second degree of referentiality, we offer pregnancy and delivery packages tailored to the expectations of future parents.

Comprehensive diagnostics and treatment

We perform Comprehensive Health Screening, tailored to the needs and expectations of our Patients. The Wellness Medicine Clinic of our Hospital offers a whole range of tailor-made diagnostic packages.

We offer a wide range of diagnostic tests on site: X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, cardiology diagnostics or gastrointestinal endoscopic diagnostics.

As a few, we are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.

Laboratory in the Hospital

Thanks to the laboratory facility on the premises of the Hospital, we receive the results even within an hour, and the modern equipment allows us to offer a wider range of tests than in other places.

Hospital building

The hospital building is equipped with the most advanced solutions characteristic of the most modern medical facilities. Air-conditioning, laminar flow units in the operating theatres, separate communication paths for Patients and visitors as well as separate halls and elevators for patients directly after surgery – all this guarantees the maximum sterility and hygiene of our Hospital.


Your safety is our top priority. We ensure our patients’ safety  in the operating theatres, postoperative recovery rooms and intensive care units. Therefore, we have implemented the procedures monitoring patient’s treatment process. We only use certificated medical materials of the best producers. Patients requiring intensive monitoring and care stay in the Intensive Care Unit, where they are taken care of by highly-qualified anaesthesiologists round the clock. The ICU has the most advanced equipment for the constant monitoring of bodily functions and resuscitation. We also have the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) in our hospital.

Comfort of hospital stay

At the Hospital, you can opt for a single or double room, or a suite. Our Patients are served delicious meals prepared in the restaurant, according to the doctor's recommendations and Patient's preferences. You may also not worry about formal matters, the Hospital Care Coordinator will help you with everything.

You have a choice

In the Medicover Hospital you receive full and comprehensible information about your condition and suggested methods of treatment. Your decision about the treatment or a surgery date is taken into account, which makes you feel you "have your finger on the pulse". 

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