We are a multi-specialist private medical facility focused on comprehensive patient care. Our advantage is experienced staff, modern equipment and comfortable conditions of stay. We diagnose, treat and save lives.

During 14 years of operation (since 2009), Medicover Hospital has admitted almost 500 000 patients and welcomed more than 11 000 new-borns into the world.

Since January 2011, Medicover Hospital has cooperated with the National Health Fund. Under the contract, we provide patients with selected Hospital services, including life-saving procedures.

Since the academic year 2011/2012, together with the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, we have been running a full-time and bridging nursing studies called "Nursing at AWF-Medicover. European standard of the profession".

In the academic year 2021/22, Medicover Hospital has begun cooperation with Lazarski University. Under the signed agreement, doctors from the Departments of General Surgery, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care will educate medical students.

The Medicover Hospital operates:

The following facilities are also located on the premises of the Hospital: Medicover Pharmacy, Medicover Optician showroom and a restaurant available for patients and guests.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Our Hospital is a safe place to give birth – we have already welcomed over 11 000 children into the world. We offer pregnancy and delivery packages tailored to future parents' expectations.
Medicover Hospital was awarded first place in the national ranking conducted by the Childbirth with Dignity Foundation.

Comprehensive diagnostics and treatment

We perform Comprehensive Health Screening, tailored to the needs and expectations of our patients. The Wellness Medicine Clinic of our Hospital offers a whole range of tailor-made diagnostic packages.

We offer a wide range of diagnostic tests on site: X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, cardiology diagnostics or gastroscopy, colonoscopy and rectoscopy.

Medicover Hospital is a leader in surgical treatment using the da Vinci robot and a leading centre in endometriosis diagnostics and treatment as well as in comprehensive healthcare for gynaecology patients in Poland. Since 2018, over 2000 surgeries have been made in da Vinci robot assistance. Most of the procedures are prostate surgeries (prostatectomies).

Since February 2023, Medicover Hospital has been the only private facility offering procedures with the use of the MRg FUS treatment method that helps in essential and Parkinson’s tremor treatment.   

Own laboratory

Thanks to the laboratory facility on the premises of the Hospital, we receive the results even within an hour, and the modern equipment allows us to offer a wider range of tests than in other places.

Modern infrastructure

The Medicover Hospital building is equipped with the most advanced solutions characteristic of the most modern medical facilities. Air-conditioning, laminar flow units in the operating theatres, separate communication paths for patients and visitors, as well as separate halls and elevators for patients after the surgery – all this guarantees the maximum sterility and hygiene of our hospital.

Safety first

Safety is our top priority. We ensure our patients’ safety in the operating theatres, postoperative recovery rooms and intensive care units. In the hospital, we only use certificated medical materials from the best producers. Patients requiring intensive monitoring and care stay in the Intensive Care Unit, where they are taken care of by highly qualified anaesthesiologists around the clock. The ICU has the most advanced equipment for the constant monitoring of bodily functions and resuscitation. We also have the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) in our hospital.

The facility has received several certificates and accreditations, including one from the Health Ministry, where it scored the highest in Poland at 98. The Gynaecology Clinic at the Medicover Hospital consistently ranks among the top in the Childbirth with Dignity Foundation's rankings. In the last quarter, patients expressed a satisfaction rate of 97% for hospital treatment and 100% for treatment at the Gynaecology Clinic.

The real comfort of a hospital stay

At the Medicover Hospital, you can opt for a single or double room, or a suite. Our patients are served delicious meals prepared in the restaurant, according to the doctor's recommendations and Patient's preferences. The Hospital Care Coordinator is available to provide assistance with any formal matters.

Conscious choices and cooperation

At Medicover Hospital, patients are provided with complete and clear information about their medical condition and recommended treatment options. They are treated as equal partners by the doctors and are involved in the decision-making process regarding their treatment or surgery date. This approach empowers patients to stay informed and have a say in their healthcare journey.

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