Prizes and awards

WINNER of the Top Brand 2019 & Top Brand 2020 Ranking

Medicover in Poland took the first place and title of the Top Brand 2019 & Top Brand 2020 in the brand reputation ranking, organized by Press magazine and Press-Service Media Monitoring company, thus confirmed the title of the healthcare industry leader. The TOP BRAND award is granted based on the largest in Poland analysis of the presence and reputation of brands in media.

TITLE of the Service Quality Star 2020

Medicover was awarded the title of Service Quality Star 2020. This title confirms that customers appreciate the company's daily work on a field of providing them with good access to medical care. The award communicates priceless values ​​in business, such as quality, reliability, trust, friendliness and prestige.

Service Quality Stars are the most friendly companies in the opinion of consumers.

DISTINCTION Best Product for SMEs 2019

In the report of Gazeta Finansowa "Turbiny Polskiej Gospodarki", Medicover Poland was distinguished for providing best healthcare services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Bearing in mind the specific needs of customers in this sector, the company offers a wide range of solutions, varied in scope and price. There is limited paperwork when concluding the contract and the settlement process is simple. According to the report: "Work. Health. Economics", the average annual cost of employee illness for employees covered by Medicover care is PLN 1,004 lower than for employees covered by other healthcare plans.


A Trustworthy Brand AWARD (Marka Godna Zaufania)

Medicover Poland received the title of Trustworthy Brand 2019 in the healthcare for employees category. The survey aims to select the most trustworthy companies providing products and services to SMEs. The 4th edition of the survey was conducted by the publisher of the monthly publication "My Company Polska".




DISTINCTION on the list of Forbes’ Diamonds in the Mazowiecki Province

Medicover Poland was added to the Forbes’ Diamonds list of the Mazowiecki Province, in the category of companies with revenues above PLN 250 million. The list includes companies that have increased their value in the last three years. The companies joining the Forbes' Diamonds list included those with a positive financial result and a co-operation risk ratio higher than 4, according to the Bisnode rating.


DISTINCTION for the Medicover Hospital in the Wprost ranking

Medicover Hospital was named one of the best cardiac hospitals in Warsaw in the ranking of Wprost magazine. Medicover ranked second in terms of the number of ablative procedures performed in Poland, and fourth among Warsaw hospitals in the cardiology department category. Assessed were the scope of available diagnostics, the number of procedures performed, the rate of postoperative infections, and the number of doctors specialising in a given field. More than 600 ablation procedures are performed annually at Medicover Hospital.


FIRST PLACE IN THE RANKING OF Private Healthcare 2019

In its survey, the Polish Institute of Quality Research asked patients to rank the best network of private clinics in the country. Medicover Poland ranked the highest for offering appointments with several types of specialists and in various facilities in the network. Other reasons for choosing Medicover included timely appointments, convenient appointment times and general hotline services.


WINNER of the Wellpower 2018 competition

Medicover Poland was awarded first prize in the first nationwide competition for companies implementing wellbeing projects - WELLPOWER 2018. The winning Medicover Poland project under the name of HEALTH THROUGHOUT THE YEAR (ZDROWIE PRZEZ CAŁY ROK), addressed to all employees, is being implemented by an interdisciplinary Medicover Wellbeing Team of specialists. The aim of the project is to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees. Since 2017, several internal campaigns have been carried out as part of the project.


Best Partner in Business AWARD

Medicover Poland was among the companies awarded the title of "Best Partner in Business" by the Home & Market magazine. The companies awarded the title of "Best Partner in Business" are primarily characterised by an open, pro-client approach. In observing the changing market, they understand client needs and work towards meeting them.


DISTINCTION Best Product for SMEs 2018

Medicover Poland received the title of "Best Product for SMEs" in the report of Gazeta Finansowa "Turbiny Polskiej Gospodarki" for the best healthcare offer dedicated to small and medium enterprises. "Turbiny Polskiej Gospodarki" is a periodic report of Gazeta Finansowa summarising the financial results of companies from the SME sector and presenting products that can contribute to improving the functioning of SME companies. From among the submitted applications, the editors of Gazeta Finansowa choose companies that are most innovative, increasingly aware of their clients' needs and work towards meeting them.


High Reputation Brand AWARD - Premium Brands

The High Reputation Brand Award - Premium Brand is the only project on the Polish market that assesses the reputation of brands in terms of competitive advantage. The award confirms the brand’s strong position in the industry and the market, as well as recognises one of the most important brand values, which is reputation. The award is granted on the basis of a nationwide opinion survey involving approx. 10,000 consumers. The survey covers nearly 200 brands and businesses in 20 categories of products and services.



IT Leader 2017 AWARD

Medicover Poland received the ComputerWorld magazine’s IT Leader 2017 award in the healthcare category for launching a mobile application and a telemedicine platform. Thanks to these solutions, patients can access their medical records at any time, independently and conveniently book and cancel appointments, as well as have remote access to medical advice, which are included in the medical records.





AWARDS Superbrands 2016/2017 and Superbrands Created in Poland 2016/2017

Medicover was among 500 brands to pass three stages of certification and be awarded the Superbrands 2016/2017 title. The company was recognised as one of the best Polish brands in the healthcare category. The results were based on expert assessments and consumer opinion about the company. The winners of the Superbrands award are distinguished not only for the high quality of their services, but also for the trust they enjoy among consumers.




DISTINCTION Best Product for SMEs 2017

In May 2017, Medicover was again awarded the title of "Best product for SMEs" in the competition of Gazeta Finansowa’s report "Turbiny Polskiej Gospodarki" for its offer for small and medium enterprises. Medicover offers a wide range of solutions for SMEs, varied in scope and price. The offer includes seven healthcare plans to choose from, providing comprehensive healthcare from prevention, primary care and occupational medicine, through specialist consultations, advanced diagnostics, dentistry and rehabilitation, to a full range of hospital services.