About the Clinic

The Wellness Medicine Clinic takes advantage of the latest scientific advances to offer individual, gender-specific diagnostic tests/examinations and treatment. We take a holistic approach to our patients.

Wellness medicine at Medicover:

  • lifestyle – help to develop and maintain healthy habits
  • vitality and health – striving for full vitality and well-being of the patient
  • gender uniqueness – an approach to the patient taking into account gender-specific needs
  • awareness – comprehensive diagnostic tests/examinations giving a full picture of the patient’s health
  • synergy – a combination of classical and natural medicine supported by the state-of-the-art technology


We perform one-day whole-body screening for men and women – the range of tests/examinations, especially hormonal and genetic ones, is adapted to the patient’s gender. Screening tests include a service that is unique in Poland, i.e. whole-body diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging.

The Wellness Clinic offers a wide range of specialist tests/examinations in cardiology, endocrinology, urology (including the world’s most modern prostate cancer diagnostic examinations and treatment using the da Vinci surgical robot),andrology and gynaecology.

As one of the few clinics, we perform thorough diagnostic examinations of the small intestine in the section not covered by gastroscopy and colonoscopy with the use of an endoscopic capsule.  

In the Obesity Treatment Clinic, we provide comprehensive care for overweight and obese patients. We offer both conservative treatment and surgical treatment and perform all the latest bariatric surgery procedures.

The Clinic also provides consultation and assistance of the following doctors:

  • men’s and women’s health doctors – they specialise in diagnosing and treating typical men’s and women’s conditions and diseases. During consultations, a comprehensive, individual programme is developed that takes into account potential risks and identified health problems;
  • internists – they take a holistic approach. During consultations, they deal with prevention and diagnosis of diseases of internal organs, e.g. osteoarticular system diseases, digestive system diseases, urinary tract diseases, cardiovascular diseases and endocrine system diseases. They plan the therapeutic process involving not only pharmacological treatment, but also referral to specialists;
  • cardiologists – they perform comprehensive diagnostic tests/examinations and treat cardiovascular diseases. They assess the risk of coronary artery disease, perform tests/examinations for cardiac arrhythmias, provide cardiac screening consultation and identify causes of chest pain;
  • endocrinologists – they provide consultation on increasingly common endocrine disorders, such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, hyperprolactinemia and diabetes;
  • urologists – they perform diagnostic tests/examinations and treat urinary tract diseases in men and women, e.g. kidney stones, urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections and inflammation, and haematuria. They also provide aesthetic urology consultation;
  • gynaecologists – as part of consultations, they perform prevention tests/examinations and detailed diagnostic tests/examinations for gynaecological problems experienced by women of all ages. What is more, at the Wellness Clinic of the Medicover Hospital, patients can take advantage of the help of gynaecologists specialising in aesthetic gynaecology;
  • sex therapists
  • bariatric specialists – they help to lose weight and treat patients who are overweight and obese. During consultations, bariatric specialists establish an individual weight reduction plan taking into account patient’s expectations and pre-existing conditions. The Wellness Medicine Clinic of the Medicover Hospital also provides consultation to qualify patients for obesity treatment surgical procedures.

In addition, the services include consultation provided by the following specialists:

  • dieticians – they help patients to lose weight. They prepare a diet taking into account patient’s lifestyle, preferences and current diseases. The Wellness Medicine Clinic specialists also have many years of experience in conducting the diagnostic process with the use of iGenesis tests, the results of which are discussed during the consultation and which make it easier to determine the diet;
  • psychologists – they deal with mental problems that have a huge impact on the functioning of the body and the occurrence of various conditions (such as abdominal pain, back pain and headache). Help from psychologists at the Wellness Medicine Clinic should be sought by people having an existential crisis (caused for example by losing a job or problems with finding one), experiencing constant anxiety, having mood swings, apathetic, having sleep problems and experiencing stress. As part of the Bariatric Package, our psychologists also provide consultation for patients with poor eating habits and those who are overweight or obese;
  • sex therapists.


We employ the best and most experienced specialists in Poland. Most of our medical staff are doctoral degree holders and long-time practitioners.

Our doctors and specialists work closely together providing patients with a truly holistic, 360-degree approach to therapy.


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