24-hour Emergency Unit

The Medicover Hospital Emergency Unit ensures 24/7 medical assistance (even on weekends and holidays).

At the Emergency Unit you can receive assistance from an emergency physician, a paediatrician, a paediatric surgeon, a general internal medicine doctor, and a cardiologist.

If you urgently require aid, please call us on 500 900 901 or come directly to the Medicover Hospital at al. Rzeczypospolitej 5, Miasteczko Wilanów, Warsaw.

If necessary, the Medicover Hospital can conduct the following procedures:

  • wound dressing
  • wound suture
  • handling injuries through limb immobilisation
  • assistance for burns
  • nursing procedures

We offer laboratory and imaging tests available 24h.



Imaging diagnostics

Do you need urgent help?

Contact us at 500 900 901 available 24h,
or visit the Medicover Hospital at al. Rzeczypospolitej 5, Miasteczko Wilanów, Warsaw

Children are unpredictable – therefore the Medicover Hospital offers a paediatric on-call service. Do not hesitate to visit us if your child needs quick emergency assistance, night medical aid or urgent consultation, also on weekends; a paediatric surgeon is on call Monday to Sunday from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm, including bank holidays. Our team will also provide instant first aid for burns, wounds and other injuries.



Consultation with a doctor on-call

PLN 300*

Ultrasound examination

PLN 120-200

X-ray examination

PLN 50-100

Computed tomography (CT) scan

PLN 250-400

*If the on-call doctor decides that additional consultations are needed (cardiologist, surgeon, paediatrician or gynaecologist), the cost of such service will not exceed PLN 200.