Our sustainability work is focused on the following areas: prevention and education, quality of care and services, access to care, environmental care and business ethics. We are committed to operate with high ethical standards and to responsible commercial success.We take our responsibility for the health of our clients very seriously. Only by acting professionally and honestly can we enjoy the trust of our stakeholders and maintain our company's good reputation.

Medicover Code of Conduct is the main framework for the way we do business and ensure we translate our values into action. Medicover is accordingly committed to international and fundamental principles on human rights, labour rights, the environment and the fight against corruption throughout our operations. Together with local laws and regulations these are principles that the Medicover business is committed to adhere to. Medicover Code of Conduct can be accessed by clicking on the following links.

Medicover Anti-Bribery Policy sets the rules to be applied in order to prevent bribes in all activities under Medicover’s control. We do not tolerate any form of bribery and prohibit our employees and business representatives from giving or receiving bribes of any kind.

With respect to serious wrongdoings committed by a person holding a leading position or a key position, Medicover has established a whistleblower function which allows anonymous reports (as well as non-anonymous reports). This way Medicover can manage risks and ensure that each Medicover company in a fast and firm way can act wherever there is a suspected serious wrongdoing by any person holding such position.