Do you want to feel completely in control of your own health, but you do not have much time on a daily basis and prefer solutions that will allow you to avoid going from doctor to doctor and standing in long lines? Do you want a quick and precise diagnosis that will help prevent more or less serious diseases in time, to keep fit and enjoy a good quality of life for many years?

Great! If so, the Comprehensive Health Screening at Medicover Hospital is just for you – the only such offer on the Polish market, allowing for a thorough health review and accurate assessment of your health in just 8 hours!

How is this possible and what does it involve?

The comprehensive program of diagnostic tests involves the following assessment procedures:

  • checking the condition of the heart and coronary vessels,
  • assessing the risk of stroke, heart attack, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, and aneurysms.

 The screening includes:

  • laboratory tests,
  • full body magnetic resonance imaging,
  • computed tomography of the heart – if ordered by a doctor,
  • ultrasound and X-ray.

These days it’s possible to diagnose many dangerous diseases in their early stages. Modern diagnostic equipment helps detect changes even when they do not yet give any visible symptoms. This increases the chances of full recovery.

The tests are non-invasive and are carried out in comfortable conditions. Even if you are healthy at the moment, it is worth spending one day thoroughly screening your body at any age.

The most important is the final summary and indications for further medical procedures.

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