Medicover Benefits

Medicover Benefits stands for the most efficient cutting-edge flexible benefit systems, discount programmes and loyalty schemes in Poland, based on advanced technologies supporting and facilitating the everyday work of HR departments.

Medicover Benefits is a combination of the long-term experience gained by Media Program Sp. z o.o. in the area of development and management of benefit and loyalty schemes with Medicover’s more than 20 years of experience and the trust of thousands of its customers. Medicover Benefits is an offer of fully automated on-line platforms enabling the management of all non-financial benefits in your company in a clear and convenient way while reducing the time and costs required from the HR department.

Our benefit, loyalty, bonus points and discount programmes are adjusted to your business needs and are excellent and effective tools to motivate your employees, customers and entire task forces.

We will motivate your employees

We use a number of proprietary solutions, which can be adjusted even to very specific consumer requirements, and we cooperate with over 1000 partners. Therefore, we can meet the needs of every single user.

You save your time, money and costs

You do not have to look for benefit providers, negotiate and sign agreements or manage the ordering process.

You control the expenses

We offer a series of reports that can be adjusted to the client’s needs and enable an ongoing analysis and control of all benefit expenses.

Our solutions = your profit!

Our flexible programmes make it possible to finance the purchase of benefits both from the working capital and the Company Social Allowance Fund (ZFŚS), effectively increasing the engagement of the serviced groups and thus our clients’ profits.

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