The Unit treats clinically unstable and seriously ill children who require continuous neonatal care, assisted breathing and other medical interventions. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides 24-hour medical and nursing care and 24-hour access to diagnostic tests (laboratory and imaging)

The Unit consists of:

8 –bed Observation Unit

3 –bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - for prematurely born infants or newborns requiring specialist care. At Medicover Hospital this Unit has the latest state-of-the-art equipment enabling the ventilation and monitoring of infants, as well as the best incubators (4 incubators) and equipment for transporting infants. One neonatal nurse is assigned to each child.

4 -bed Infant Close Monitoring Unit – for infants requiring specialist care with monitoring and/or supervision. It provides specialist equipment enabling phototherapy and feeding premature infants using the Kangaroo method, a modern technique aimed at strengthening the bond between mother and child and ensuring the best environment for feeding. In this unit one nurse can be assigned to maximum three babies at a time.