Onboarding – introduction into the services offered by Medicover

Welcome aboard Medicover!

We are aware that, at the beginning of your experience with a new provider’s services, there may be a lot of questions and doubts. For this purpose, we have created the process of gradual introduction into our services for both the contact person and the Client’s employees.

Onboarding involves a cyclical transfer of knowledge through various materials and telephone contacts or meetings.

Within the process, we will provide you with:

- materials indispensable for the management of healthcare
- assistance with the operation of the e-Member application
- ongoing support from the team of Consultants
- meetings and telephone contacts monitoring the quality of the services provided

Your employees will be provided with:

- dedicated materials – leaflets, posters, detailed scope of services
- welcome packs in the form of smses and e-mails – with the most important information on how to use the services
- meetings at the headquarters of your company to inform you about the offer and the possibilities given by the healthcare at Medicover
- a dedicated Business Consultant on duty on the premises of your company
- a tab at www.medicover.pl for new Patients