In Medicover Sport we focus on #HealthierMovement! We specialise in selling sports packages, which we select with our customers' individual preferences in mind.

Our ambition is to improve one’s physical condition and health, and to ensure one’s well-being. We are sure that taking care of all areas of lifestyle will result in good health and great shape in the future.

In our offer you will find everything you need to take care of active health prevention:

✔ Sports packages – will allow you to practice your favourite activity in one of thousands of places all over Poland, and you can adjust the frequency of classes to your own needs.

✔ Sports and medical package – this package provides you with permanent access not only to selected sports, but also to multi-speciality medical care.

✔ Online package – allows consultations with specialists in many fields, access to online trainings and substantive support without leaving home.

We draw on over 26 years of Medicover experience, constantly listening to the needs of our customers. Using Medicover Sport means a full range of benefits for you and your loved ones:

  • Access to the largest network of facilities in Poland – you can benefit from the offer of 4300 facilities across Poland.
  • Easy enrolment and use of the package – thanks to an intuitive mobile application.
  • We care about safety and the planet, so we do not use plastic cards.

Cooperation with Medicover Sport provides our partners with:

  • Minimum formalities, favourable and transparent contract conditions.
  • Friendly and simple technology.
  • Effective marketing, popularisation of the facility and increase in revenue.

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