Healthy Company is a new approach to looking after employee health. We provide solutions to help employees take care of themselves in all areas of health.

A package combining access to medical and sports services is a comprehensive care for your employees' health. Thanks to medical care, you will take care of their health, and through sports packages you will provide them with a benefit that will keep them active and strengthen their immunity. And all this in one, cheaper offer. The only one on the market.

Benefits for the company:

  • Two packages in one: medical and sports save costs
  •  Fewer formalities and time savings thanks to handling by one provider
  • Thanks to Medicover medical care, you will effectively retain the best employees in your company
  • By providing your employees with medical care, you will protect their health and the health of their families, thus building your image as a professional entrepreneur and increasing the attractiveness of your company in the market.
  • People who practice sport have lower sickness absence and higher productivity. It is therefore worth implementing non-wage benefits that help employees to stay physically active
  • Medicover Sport packages provide access to more than 4,600 sports, leisure and entertainment facilities across Poland. Check the facilities:
  • Employees gain the opportunity to use, among others, a gym, fitness classes, sauna, dance, martial arts, swimming pools, ice rinks and many other disciplines

Benefits for the employees:

  • A unique non-wage benefit providing access to medical care and a range of sports facilities
  • Taking care of your health comprehensively – through physical, immunity-building activity to medical care in the event of preventive measures or illness
  • Health security:
    • If they have a chronic illness, their health will be overseen by an attending physician who knows their health needs.
    • They can also extend medical care to their loved ones
    • With telemedicine advice, they can contact a doctor and get advice from anywhere – all they need is a phone or internet access
    • They will get help in case of a sudden illness or accident thanks to the 24-hour medical hotline – Medicover Hot Line
  • Sports activities:
    • More than 4600 facilities available in Medicover Sport packages
    • Easy and intuitive entry registration with the mobile application
    • Numerous disciplines
    • Possibility to use, among others, Calypso, Fitarena, Just GYM, McFIT, UP, Well Fitness and many, many others.