Physical activity, alongside a balanced diet and medical healthcare, is one of the factors that have a strong impact on mental and physical health. More and more companies are aware of it and provide employees with a possibility of spending their free time actively and doing sports. Simultaneously, it strengthens the company’s position in a competitive labour market. And what about your company? Provide your employees with healthy physical activity.

Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial for your overall health. Regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of various diseases that are prevalent in modern society, such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, chronic back pain, and joint pain. Engaging in physical activity also assists in managing body weight, preventing obesity and overweight issues while enhancing immunity. Consistently engaging in moderate physical activity for 1-2 hours daily can decrease the risk of upper respiratory tract infections by up to 33%. Physical activity also boosts the immune system's ability to fight bacteria and viruses, reducing the risk of infections and autoimmune diseases. Additionally, physical exertion increases body temperature, preventing the growth of bacteria.

Sports, recreation, and active play can have a positive impact on one’s well-being and mood by triggering the release of endorphins, also called “hormones of joy”. Additionally, it aids in improving stability, and decision-making even in tough times and developing concentration and brain efficiency. It also helps to find harmony, manage stress i.e. caused by crisis situations, and to release excess negative emotions. Consistent involvement in physical activities can also reduce the likelihood of experiencing depression and other mood and anxiety disorders.

Engaging in sports is crucial when it comes to fostering a positive organisational culture since it enhances human capabilities. Through sports, individuals learn about the importance of discipline and perseverance, improve cognitive skills, and acquire new knowledge and abilities with ease. Moreover, engaging in team sports promotes teamwork, cooperation, goal-oriented behaviour, and determination. Encouraging employees to use their free time engaging in physical activities yields great benefits for both employees and employers.

Within Medicover’s concept called The Healthy Company, we provide sports packages for employees of various companies. These packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of both the organisation and its members. With access to over 5,000 fitness clubs throughout Poland, employees can engage in more than 30 different types of physical activities, including sports, recreation, and games. Our program encourages employees to participate in physical activities that can be enjoyed with friends or family, regardless of age. Activities such as bowling, roller-skating, trampolining, and visiting aquaparks are great ways for employees to bond and stay active.