Will your employees be able, once they receive the first-aid training, to provide assistance in a life-threatening situation? Will they be able to apply the skills gained in practice?

Check this out and, at the same time, provide them with something more than just a company event. The competition in medical rescue is not only an example of team-building activities that integrate the team and build mutual trust amongst its members. It is also a unique opportunity to verify the skills acquired during the first-aid courses – the knowledge which can save somebody’s life.

Within the medical rescue competition, we offer various scenarios of assignments to choose from – varied in terms of scope, difficulty and, above all, tailored to meet the Client’s expectations.

We also organise the annual Championships in Medical Rescue known as “Safe Company” (original Polish name: “Bezpieczna Firma”). The Championships are addressed to companies from various industries. It provides an ideal chance to test one’s skills in practice, in the most realistic conditions, under the watchful eye of expert instructors. The Championships features staged accidents, including explosions, fires, and road accidents with dressed up actors.

See coverage from the last-year Championships:

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