Medicover Hospital stands out against other private hospitals – it is not only comfortable, but also fully safe for newborn babies. We provide them with 24-hour neonatal care in a well-equipped Ward. If there are any complications during the labour, there is no need to transfer young patients to another facility. We have comprehensive medical facilities to provide appropriate assistance on site.

The Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care Ward is located on the same floor as the Maternity Ward, so mums are always close to their babies.

Babies born prematurely or requiring specialist care are provided care in our Neonatal Intensive Care Ward which is equipped with the following:

  • incubators, including a transport incubator
  • multifunctional respirators for mechanical breathing with a high-frequency ventilation option
  • SIPAP Infant Flow – the system to support breathing in neonates by a non-invasive method
  • portable X-ray machine
  • mobile ultrasound scanner with colour Doppler

We also promote kangaroo care – a technique of newborn care where babies are kept chest-to-chest and skin-to-skin with a mum or dad. Babies who get kangaroo care grow and develop faster.

The Department participates in a hearing screening programme for newborns aimed at early detection of hearing problems. We cooperate with other Wards as far as cardiological and surgical consultations are concerned.

Diagnostic tests/examinations play a great role in the diagnosis of diseases and further treatment. Young patients are particularly sensitive, so all diagnostic tests/examinations and neonatal care consultations take place in the Ward. Newborns diagnosed with birth defects are referred for further treatment in reference centres.

Profile of activity

  • Neonatology Department
    – Healthy newborns with mums in the rooming-in system
  • Neonatal Care Unit
    – Jaundice – phototherapy
    – Birth and acquired infections
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Ward
    – Respiratory failure
    – Newborns with birth defects requiring stabilisation and diagnostic tests/examinations before they are transferred to specialist units

Our advantages

  • state-of-the-art equipment
  • professional and experienced medical staff providing continuous 24-hour care

Medical staff

Doctor Marta Balicka – Head of the Neonatology Department, paediatrician and anaesthesiologist.

She coordinates the work of doctors taking care of newborns who require special attention due to their diseases or birth defects.

For 15 years, she worked in the Institute of Mother and Child, where she took care of young patients and coordinated the transport of newborn babies in Warsaw. For many years, she worked at the Prof. dr M. Michałowicz Teaching Hospital and Centrum Medyczne Damiana.

Her gentleness and sensitivity make her the best carer for the youngest children.


  • Grażyna Wyględowska, MD, PhD – Deputy Head of the Department, paediatrician and neonatologist
  • Doctor Anna Sonczyk-Zapała – neonatologist
  • Doctor Aleksandra Chwilczyńska-Mizera

Neonatologists cooperating with the Ward:

  • Doctor Anna Borowiecka – paediatrician and neonatologist
  • Doctor Marta Brasse – neonatologist
  • Marzanna Reśko-Zachara, MD, PhD – paediatrician and neonatologist
  • Doctor Magdalena Składanowska – neonatologist
  • Doctor Anna Wojnarowska – paediatrician and neonatologist

Neonatal nurses and midwives:

  • Beata Obłoza, Doctor of Health Science, Neonatology Department Coordinating Midwife, neonatal nursing specialist
  • Justyna Horbaczewska – licensed midwife
  • Jolanta Komar – certified nurse
  • Aneta Kurek – nurse
  • Agnieszka Pałdyna – licensed nurse, neonatal nursing specialist
  • Edyta Paszczyk – licensed midwife, neonatal nursing specialist
  • Małgorzata Popielarz – licensed nurse
  • Beata Polkowska – licensed midwife, neonatal nursing specialist and certified lactation consultant
  • Beata Składanowska – holder of a master’s degree in obstetrics
  • Edyta Szczepańska – licensed midwife, neonatal nursing specialist
  • Karolina Tarka – holder of a master’s degree in nursing
  • Dorota Wróblewska – licensed midwife, neonatal nursing specialist and certified lactation consultant
  • Katarzyna Narkiewicz – certified midwife and certified lactation consultant
  • Małgorzata Banaszczyk – holder of a master’s degree in obstetrics
  • Małgorzata Elert – holder of a master’s degree in nursing
  • Aneta Gocłowska – holder of a master’s degree in obstetrics
  • Justyna Skóra – holder of a master’s degree in obstetrics

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