At Medicover Optician we believe that your glasses should be comfortable, stylish and, most importantly, tailored to you – your personality and needs.

Whether you are looking for glasses for work, reading or want to buy stylish sunglasses, in our showrooms we will help you find what you need.

"It's amazing how the shape of a frame can completely change the look of your face".

We understand that when it comes to your eye health, you want to be in the best hands. That's why you'll get the special attention and care your eyes deserve in our salons.

At Medicover Optician showrooms we guarantee:

We offer our patients:

  • comprehensive examinations performed by specialists – optometrists
  • professional assistance in selecting frames provided by our consultants
  • a wide selection of frames for corrective lenses and sunglasses for both men and women
  • permanent 10% discount for Medicover patients
  • ability to purchase new glasses at a special 50% discount if the previous pair was damaged.

Whether you are looking for timeless Ray-Ban glasses or the latest trends from Prada, Fendi or Tom Ford, you will find them in our showroom. 

We know that choosing the perfect pair of glasses is not easy. That is why our stylists will help you choose the right glasses for you.

Our stock of over 2,500 eyeglass frames to choose from (corrective, sunglasses) and corrective lenses combine modern technology with attention to detail. We offer both universal and speciality solutions, for working on the computer or for driving.

If you are a fan of contact lenses, you can count on us to professionally adjust them to the shape of your cornea and to your individual needs (monthly, biweekly, daily disposable lenses). In our offer you will find products of key contact lens manufacturers - Johnson&Johnson, Alcon or Cooper Vision.

Each of our showrooms has a separate and professionally equipped optometrist's office, where we conduct a comprehensive eye examination. Examinations are carried out by qualified optometrists specialising in the selection of correctional lenses. You can choose corrective glasses or contact lenses. You can also choose a combined visit and have your glasses and lenses fitted at the same time.

All  Medicover Optician showrooms perform professional vision tests using modern equipment such as:

  • Auto Refractometer (for optical eye examinations)
  • Phoropter (for detecting vision defects and selecting the right corrective lenses)
  • Slit lamp (for examining eye structures).
  • Combining high quality services with state-of-the-art technology, our optometrists will diagnose vision defects, choose the most appropriate corrective lenses, and provide personalised recommendations for every patient.

You can check the qualifications of our optometrists on the website of the Polish Society of Optometry and Optics, which publishes a list of specialists who have an Optometrist's Number, awarded only to those with a university degree.

What problems can an optometrist help you with?

  • You have blurred vision
  • Your eyes hurt when you work on the computer
  • You want to start wearing contact lenses
  • The lenses you are wearing are uncomfortable and you want to change to another lens
  • You wear glasses, but can no longer see clearly

All Medicover patients are entitled to a permanent 10% discount on products purchased at Medicover Optician.

We are located in the largest cities in Poland. In each of our salons we provide professional and state-of-the-art equipment for eye examination and a wide offer of corrective glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses of world brands. Visit any of our salons and get to know us better.

Medicover Optician showrooms:

Do you have a question? Need help? Want to make or cancel an appointment?

You can contact our helpline at 500 900 925. For your convenience, we have also created an inbox, which is manned from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.