Medicover Optician

Medicover Optician is where vision meets style

Medicover Optician is a network of optical showrooms owned by Medicover Healthcare Services. Our mission is to care for the vision and eye health of our patients.

By following Medicover’s underlying philosophy on a daily basis we know that your satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, we have made every effort to ensure our patients receive the most satisfying and professional services from our optometrists in caring for their vision, as well as stylists, who help you choose the right frames so that wearing glasses does not feel like an inconvenient necessity, but improves well-being and self-confidence.

Our optical showroom consultants at Medicover Optician know that every customer has different expectations, so they will make every effort to match the frames to your needs and ensure you are comfortable with your choice, which will improve your vision and well-being.

At Medicover Optician showrooms we guarantee:

We offer our patients:

  • comprehensive examinations performed by specialists - optometrists
  • professional assistance in selecting frames provided by our consultants
  • a wide selection of frames for corrective lenses and sunglasses for both men and women
  • permanent 10% discount for Medicover patients
  • ability to purchase new glasses at a special 50% discount if the previous pair was damaged.

Our stock of over 2,500 eyeglass frames to choose from (corrective, sunglasses) and corrective lenses combine modern technology with attention to detail. We offer both universal and speciality solutions, for working on the computer or for driving.

All  Medicover Optician showrooms offer optometry services provided by our optometrists who perform professional vision tests using modern equipment such as:

Auto Refractometer (for optical eye examinations)

Phoropter (for detecting vision defects and selecting the right corrective lenses)

Slit lamp (for examining eye structures).

Combining high quality services with state-of-the-art technology, our optometrists will diagnose vision defects, choose the most appropriate corrective lenses, and provide personalised recommendations for every patient.

All Medicover patients are entitled to a permanent 10% discount on products purchased at Medicover Opticians.

Medicover Optician showrooms:

  • Warsaw ul. Aleje Jerozolimskie 96 (ground floor)
  • Warsaw ul. Rzeczpopolitej 5 (Medicover Hospital)
  • Warsaw ul. Klimczaka 1 (Royal Wilanów)
  • Warsaw ul. Racławicka 27
  • Wrocław, ul. Grabiszyńska 240
  • Łódź, al. E. Rydza - Śmigłego 20
  • Katowice, ul. Graniczna 54
  • Gdańsk, Al. Grunwaldzka 472E (Olivia Business Park)

Visit our Medicover Optician optical showrooms and partner showrooms throughout the country.

Call 500 900 925 today and make an appointment for a professional eye examination and to select your glasses or lenses.