We are the first privately-owned hospital in Poland that offers comprehensive care to its patients. We offer comprehensive lab tests and imaging studies, consultations by world-class specialists, and treatment on a par with the highest international standards in medicine.

Your health is our priority, which is why we approach our work with professionalism, but most of all with heart.

Why is the Medicover Hospital in Warsaw is a good choice?

Here at the Medicover Hospital we'll make sure you feel comfortable because we know that the patients' well-being has a huge impact on their treatment and speedy recovery. We do our best for our patients to spend this difficult time in a friendly atmosphere and comfortable facilities surrounded by people ready to offer immediate support and assistance.

For any organisational matters our patients can count on their Inpatient Care Coordinators. The Inpatient Care Coordinators oversee the admission process, prepare the contract, confirm the scheduled dates and times, and answer all the questions our patients may have.

All our patients are provided with free Internet access. There is a restaurant, a pharmacy and an optician on the premises of the hospital in Warsaw. You can leave your valuables and documents at the safe deposit box. Pastoral care is also available.