Seldom do we expect that we or our children will need hospital care, and thus it is only in the case of a sudden disease that we start looking for help.

In the Department of Children’s Health, we provide treatment of the majority of children’s diseases and conditions, including infections of the respiratory, urinary or alimentary tract. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, high temperature, alimentary tract and eating disorders, neurological conditions as well as hormonal and metabolic disorders. We also offer medical imaging, laboratory tests as well as elective consultations with specialists within the scope of a short hospital stay aimed at making a diagnosis of a child’s condition.

The Department of Children’s Health is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We reduce the length of children’s stay in the hospital to the minimum. Sometimes a 12-hour observation period, rehydration or intravenous drug administration is enough to improve children’s health and to enable further treatment at home. This in turn means less stress for children and their parents.
The Department of Children’s Health offers not only the attentive care of doctors and nurses but also a partnership-based approach to parents who have the right to be with their child all the time and to obtain full information about their child’s condition and treatment. 

The Department of Children’s Health offers the following types of patient rooms:

  • double rooms with a bathroom and a folding chair bed for a parent at PLN 550 for a night
  • family rooms with an extra bed, a bathroom and all meals for a person accompanying the child  at PLN 990 for a night

For more information please contact us: 500 900 900