Do you want your employees to be healthy and to have extensive knowledge on prevention aimed at early detection of diseases? Do you want them to know how to take care of a healthy lifestyle and, as a result, be more effective at work? Do you want to provide a healthy and safe working environment for them?

Medicover is committed to planning preventive activities, providing a wide range of services:

•    Seminars and workshops – educational activities aimed at early diagnosis of diseases and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. They are focused on solving health-related problems that most commonly bother employees
•    Preventive campaigns – carried out in the Client’s seat, taking into account the health-related needs and recommendations
•    Ergonomic programme – activities aimed to provide a safe working environment which affect employees’ efficiency
•    Vaccination campaigns – preventive vaccinations performed at Medicover Centres and during on-site vaccination campaigns on the Client’s premises
•    Medical check-ups – comprehensive check-ups for people who want to quickly and conveniently check their health and learn about what to do in order to prevent diseases in the future.

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