The most extensive labour package offered by Medicover Hospital. It includes both types of birth (a vaginal birth and Caesarean birth).

Services in this package include care provided by a doctor and midwife chosen by the patient. From the moment you sign the agreement, you know who will be with you on that special day. You choose your gynaecologist-obstetrician and midwife and can contact them any time, which will make you feel even more secure.

The package also includes a two-room suite ensuring a comfortable stay for you, your baby and a member of your family or your friend.

The Prestige Package makes it possible for you to extend your stay to 5 days at no extra charge.

Services included in the package:

  • Qualification visit to a gynaecologist-obstetrician
  • Ultrasound scan after 38 weeks of pregnancy
  • Visit to an anaesthesiologist and neonatologist
  • Cardiotocography once a week 4 weeks before the labour and preparation of a birth plan with a midwife
  • Vaginal birth
  • Caesarean birth for medical reasons
  • Care during labour provided by medical staff on duty
  • Care during labour provided by a gynaecologist-obstetrician (chosen by the patient)
  • Care during labour provided by a midwife (chosen by the patient)
  • Non-pharmacological and pharmacological pain relief methods
  • Stay of the mother and baby in a suite – 5 days
  • Adult intensive care ward/high-risk pregnancy and intensive neonatal care ward – 5 days
  • Required baby vaccinations and examinations
  • Breastfeeding advice in the ward
  • Consultation with a dietician (if requested)
  • Consultation with a urogynaecological physiotherapist after labour
  • Follow-up visit to a gynaecologist, midwife and neonatologist (5/7 days after labour)

A list of our recommended doctors and midwives is available HERE
Detailed information about services included in the package can be found HERE

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