Robotic surgery has revolutionised the way gynaecologists perform complex surgeries, enabling them to operate with even greater precision and control than before.

Surgery using the da Vinci robot has been developing rapidly in the United States since 1999. The number of robot-assisted gynaecological surgeries is steadily increasing.

In the USA, one in five gynaecologists perform gynaecological surgery with the use of the da Vinci robot.

Medicover Hospital, as one of the few facilities in Poland, has at its disposal the most advanced robotic system in the world: da Vinci manufactured by Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

The robot enables the performance of extremely precise gynaecological surgeries quickly, safely and under the control of an experienced operator.

The da Vinci robot: What is it?

The da Vinci robot is a modern device that assists the gynaecologist in performing gynaecological surgeries. The operator performs the procedure sitting at a console with an advanced interface, while the robot, which is fitted with four interactive arms, performs the operator's movements.

The advanced technologies that allow the da Vinci robot to work efficiently and precisely:

  • allow to performed surgery at 10x magnification compared to the 4x magnification offered by conventional laparoscopy
  • the robot is equipped with a full HD sensor and a 3D camera, which allows for very accurate visualisation of anatomical structures
  • the tools use the "EndoWrist" technology, reproducing the movements of the human wrist and exceeding the range of human movements
  • the TilePro software allows additional imaging studies to be displayed on the gynaecologist's monitor allowing them to be compared with intraoperative images

Gynaecological surgeries assisted by the da Vinci robot performed at Medicover Hospital:

  • extirpation of uterine leiomyomas: myomectomy
  • excision of the uterus for benign gynaecological disorders: hysterectomy
  • excision of the uterus in cancer: hysterectomy
  • complete removal of endometriosis foci

More than 2,000,000 gynaecological patients operated on using the da Vinci robot

Your health will be taken care of by our expert gynaecologist, a certified da Vinci robot operator 

Joanna Bubak-Dawidziuk MD PhD – da Vinci robot operator

Graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw, consultant in gynaecology and obstetrics, doctor of medical sciences (doctoral thesis on the effect of resection of endometriosis foci on ovarian reserve), consultant in gynaecological oncology.

She deals mainly with the diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological patients. She specialises in surgical treatment using endoscopic techniques, as well as classic "open method" surgery.

Joanna Bubak-Dawidziuk has completed numerous training courses abroad on minimally invasive surgery: laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

She has obtained the international diploma of Intuitve Console Surgeon, as well as the diploma of the World School of Laparoscopy in India and the European diploma of GESEA IRCAD, certifying her skills in minimally invasive gynaecological surgery. She has also worked at the Negrar reference centre for minimally invasive gynaecology in Verona, Italy, specialising in the surgical treatment of advanced endometriosis and gynaecological oncology.

As a specialist in obstetrics, she also looks after pregnant patients who have undergone gynaecological operations, managing their pregnancies and, as an experienced operator, performing caesarean sections.



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