Not every woman can have a vaginal birth. This is usually due to health problems of either mother or baby. If this is the case, a caesarean birth is necessary or recommended.
Caesarean section is the removal of the neonate and the placenta through a surgical incision in the abdomen.

Some medical reasons for a caesarean section can be identified by the doctor during pregnancy and the operation can be planned, others may not occur until the birth.

Medical reasons for a caesarean section include abnormal foetal presentation, multiple pregnancies, heart conditions, respiratory diseases, orthopaedic disorders, eye problems and infections.

If there is no medical reason not to do it, the mother can cuddle her baby in the operating theatre and breastfeed them when they need it.

Having a caesarean birth does not mean that subsequent pregnancies cannot end in a vaginal birth.

Caesarean Birth Package

The offer includes a caesarean birth for medical reasons and stay of the mother and baby in a single room for up to three days. Throughout the labour, the mother is accompanied by medical staff on duty.

Services included in the package:

  • Qualification visit to a gynaecologist-obstetrician
  • Ultrasound scan after 38 weeks of pregnancy
  • Visit to an anaesthesiologist and neonatologist
  • Cardiotocography once a week 4 weeks before the labour and preparation of a birth plan with a midwife
  • Caesarean birth for medical reasons
  • Care during labour provided by medical staff on duty
  • Non-pharmacological and pharmacological pain relief methods
  • Stay of the mother and baby in a single room – 3 days
  • Adult intensive care ward/high-risk pregnancy and intensive neonatal care ward – 3 days
  • Required baby vaccinations and examinations
  • Breastfeeding advice in the ward
  • Consultation with a dietician (if requested)
  • Consultation with a urogynaecological physiotherapist after labour
  • Follow-up visit to a gynaecologist, midwife and neonatologist (5/7 days after labour)

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