Issuing medical records

Rules for issuing medical records

  • Since 04 May 2019, providing medical records to patients or their legal representatives is free of charge for the first time.
  • Medical records will be made available free of charge only to the patient or his legal representative (but not to the person authorised by the patient).

Who can request medical records:

  • Patient
  • A person authorised by the patient
  • Patient's legal representative (parent or legal guardian)
  • In the event of the patient's death – a person close to the deceased patient

Orders can be placed:

  • via phone by calling the hotline at +48 500 900 900
  • in person submitting a request for medical records
  • via the website or online app (if the patient has their own Medicover account)


  • For each page of medical records - PLN 0.30 net
  • For each copy of a CD with an imaging test - PLN 25.00 net

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