e-Member application

The e-Member Client Service System is a system for handling Corporate Clients, making it possible to manage the medical care for the employees at your company.

Use the e-Member application to:

  • register new employees and their families online for Medicover healthcare so that they can use it right away
  • change the existing healthcare schemes of the persons covered by medical care
  • check the validity of certificates and the examinations performed, as well as download templates of referrals in the area of Occupational Medicine
  • download e-invoices after they have been issued and specifications in a format that you find convenient
  • generate current reports on healthcare
  • learn about new services and special offers

Quickly, conveniently, online!

The principles of registering new members and making changes in existing membership

  • A request to register a new member for medical care and changes in an existing healthcare scheme can be made on any day of a month – in the event where the request is made on a day different than the 1st calendar day, the fee shall be charged proportionally to the number of days covered by the healthcare.
  • A healthcare scheme may be closed only with effect from the last day of a calendar month
  • Updates can be reported:
    - via the e-Member Client Web Service System
    - by sending a notification to the Administrative Consultant

A request sent to the Administrative Consultant is processed within 3 working days on the basis of a properly filled out and password-protected Excel file

Access to the platform