Medicover Poland - 26 years of experience in healthcare

For 26 years Medicover Poland has focused on a wide range of health and wellbeing services. The portfolio includes preventive and outpatient care services, specialist healthcare, state-of-the-art dental services, advanced in vitro procedures, innovative wellness solutions – including sport and diet. Medicover operates medical centers, wide-profile hospitals, pharmacies, infertility clinics, dental centers, optical showrooms and 70 fitness clubs and gyms all over Poland. In addition, we offer sports and recreation packages and cafeteria programmes for corporate customers. Medicover Poland is present in all the regions throughout the country.

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Medicover is  a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services provider, headquartered in Sweden and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Established in 1995 in response to the growing demand for high-quality healthcare services in Poland, Medicover subsequently expanded to other countries, fulfilling similar needs. Today, Medicover’s largest operations are in Poland, Germany, Romania Ukraine and India. Medicover provides a broad spectrum of healthcare services via an extensive network of ambulatory clinics, hospitals, specialty-care facilities, optical showrooms, laboratories and blood-drawing points through two divisions – Healthcare Services and Diagnostic Services.

Healthcare Services – offers high-quality care based on preventive and outpatient care services, specialist healthcare, state-of-the-art dental services and also wellbeing solutions – including sports packages and diet. Services are offered in 7 countries via 133 medical clinics, 24 pharmacies, 30 hospitals, 59 dental centers, 12 optical showrooms, 24 fertility clinics and 70 gyms. The major markets are Poland, India and Romania.

Diagnostic Services – offers a broad range of clinical laboratory services including a broad range of laboratory tests in all major clinical pathology areas, ranging from routine to advanced tests and from prevention to monitoring of treatments. The business is conducted through a network of 97 laboratories, 733 blood-drawing points and 26 clinics in ten countries. The major markets are Germany, Romania, Ukraine and Poland.

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