Urological conditions affect patients of various age groups and may be of a different nature. However, urological problems are often treated by men as a difficult and embarrassing issue.

Preventive examinations and proper diagnostics make it possible to avoid or eliminate urological disorders at an early stage. Therefore, it is worth consulting any abnormalities with your physician.

If you want to cure or prevent diseases of the urogenital tract, you might like to become familiar with the urological offer of the Medicover Hospital. We provide comprehensive diagnostics and professional methods of treatment. We treat each patient as a priority.

Our patients can also take advantage of professional consultations in aesthetic urology (plastic surgeries of male intimate parts).

After preliminary assessment, our urologists will make a suitable decision concerning further treatment. Patients can be referred for conservative treatment or, in more serious cases, it may be necessary for them to undergo surgical treatment.

In both cases, patients are taken care of by our top-class urologists who specialise in concrete fields of urology – cancers, prostate treatment or lithiasis.

The urological diagnosis and treatment atthe Medicover Hospital encompass such diseases as:

  • carcinoma of the kidneys and ureters
  • carcinoma of the lower urinary tract
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer
  • urolithiasis (urinary stones)
  • congenital and acquired defects of the urinary tract
  • urination disorders (dysuria)
  • diseases of male genital organs and testicular cancers

The Medicover Hospital offers full technical facilities and a well-qualified team of specialists. Surgical procedures are performed by means of both standard methods using laparoscopy and urological endoscopy. By choosing treatment in our Hospital, you can be sure to receive medical care at the highest level.