Medicover Stomatologia (Medicover Dental) was established over 20 years ago, out of concern for our patients. Currently, we offer dental services in 79 dental centres throughout Poland. We are constantly expanding, opening and joining new dental surgeries to our network.

What is so special about Medicover Dental?

The range of services is very broad and dental treatment at Medicover clinics is comprehensive and effective. This is evidenced by the number of our patients – in 2022 they made over 700,000 visits to us! Opinions about Medicover Centres also confirm the high quality of our dental services.

Medicover Dental – why is it worth it?

1. Comprehensive and holistic dental care
The best specialists in all fields are available for our patients in one place.

2. Individual and clear treatment plan
We provide coordinated dental care covering every stage of treatment.

3. Comfortable interiors
The décor of our offices allows our patients to relax and reduce stress before their visit.

4. Wide range of services
We offer services of trusted and valued specialists - from prevention to orthodontics and implantology.

5. Modern equipment
Dental treatment at Medicover Dental facilities means safety and comfort supported by digital technology.

Medicover changes the face of dentistry

Our new centres do not resemble classic dental surgeries. They are definitely closer to cafeteria interiors. All this to combine painless and precise dental treatment with the highest possible comfort for the patient. Thanks to that, taking care of a healthy and beautiful smile becomes pleasant and patients are more eager to come back to us.

Modern treatment methods in Medicover Dental

Our team of over 750 experienced doctors provides care at the highest level and guarantees high quality. At Medicover, we believe in an individual approach to the patient in order to adjust the treatment plan to his or her needs. That is why each time we start with a comprehensive diagnostics performed in our laboratories equipped with a CT scanner, pantomogram and digital cephalostat. We also answer all of the patient's questions on an ongoing basis.

We offer dental treatment without pain, which is based on the use of methods of anaesthesia that are optimal for the patient (including: dental treatment under anaesthesia with full anaesthetic facilities, laughing gas, computer anaesthesia).

We pay special attention to our youngest patients, taking care of their beautiful and healthy smile in offices especially projected for them. Children are treated by our doctors-pedodontists, i.e. specialists dedicated to small patients. Thanks to their unique approach to children, they make caring for their teeth a pleasant experience – just like visiting a dentist's office.

Medicover Dental services

For the sake of a beautiful and healthy smile of our patients we offer:

  • implantology and prosthetics – allowing for supplementation or reconstruction of properly functioning and natural looking teeth
  • orthodontics – allows not only to obtain the ideal shape of teeth, but also has a positive effect on the contour of the mouth,
  • paediatric dentistry – conducted by doctors (pedodontists) with a special approach to children,
  • periodontology – dealing with gum diseases,
  • preventive dentistry – effectively fighting tooth decay,
  • endodontics – enabling root canal treatment using modern methods - under a microscope,
  • dental surgery– where procedures including tooth extraction are performed,
  • dental prophylaxis – ensuring healthier and brighter teeth through regular visits to a hygienist performing scaling (professional tartar removal), sanding with varnishing and fluoridation
  • aesthetic dentistry – offering, among other things, the possibility of effective and spectacular whitening of teeth.
  • aesthetic medicine – allows you to take care of your appearance and thus improve your well-being – the treatments are a perfect complement to the smile metamorphosis.
  • dental physiotherapy – which includes treatments to restore normal mobility of the temporomandibular joint and reduce pain or tension (e.g. bruxism problems).

A visit to Medicover Dental

To make a dental appointment call 500 900 603 or fill in the contact form.

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In emergencies, we also provide quick and professional assistance thanks to the Medicover 500 900 999 Hot Line Dental Emergency Service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.