Dental care

Medicover dental care was founded more than 20 years ago out of concern for our patients. Currently, we have 70 dental offices in Poland.

In May 2016 DentaCare clinics have joined the Medicover Healthcare Services offering comprehensive dental care in Warsaw and Poznań. In January 2017 the Medicover Healthcare Services was joined by Prestige Dent from Wrocław – the European Centre for Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry in which employs specialists from numerous fields of dentistry, such as conservative dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics, and implantology.

For our patients we have provided comfortable dental clinics, equipped with the latest technology, ensuring painless and precise treatment. Our group of experienced doctors provide care at the highest level and guarantee high quality. We take special care of our youngest patients, taking care of their beautiful and healthy smile in surgeries specially prepared for them.

At Medicover we believe in individual approach to patients in order to adjust the treatment plan to their needs.

We begin each treatment plan with comprehensive diagnostics carried out in our laboratories equipped with a CT scanner, a digital panoramic radiograph and cephalostat, and provide answers to all questions and concerns of our patients.

In order to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile of our patients we offer the following services at our dental surgeries:

  • implantology and prosthetics, enabling the recovery of properly functioning and natural-looking teeth;
  • orthodontics, to acquire both the ideal shape of teeth and also of the mouth;
  • paediatric dentistry, conducted by doctors (paediatric dentists) with a special approach to children;
  • periodontics, to deal with gum diseases;
  • conservative dentistry, effective in fighting tooth decay;
  • preventive dentistry, ensuring healthier and whiter teeth, thanks to regular visits to the hygienist who carries out the following procedures: scaling (professional removal of calculus/tartar), sandblasting with polishing, and fluoridation.

In urgent cases, we also provide fast and professional help through the Emergency Dental Care Medicover Hot Line 500 900 999 – day and night, and seven days a week.

For patients who are uncomfortable with dental visits, we offer safe treatment under general anaesthesia supervised by an anaesthetist.

To book a dental appointment please call us at 500 900 603 or fill out the contact form.