Childbirth is said to be the most important moment in a woman’s life. You can have a glittering career, invent something deserving the Nobel Prize, sail round the world, be famous, admired and rich, but this is nothing compared to giving birth to your little one for whom you will be a mum.

Giving birth in Medicover Hospital is a right decision.

  • You and your baby will be given professional care, have access to the state-of-the-art medical equipment and be offered excellent birth conditions.
  • You will be sure that when giving birth to your baby you will be taken care of by high-class specialists who, if necessary, will take immediate action to make sure that your child stays healthy.
  • You will appreciate the partnership between you and your doctor, midwife and other staff.
  • Medicover Hospital gives you the freedom of choice – and you will realise how important it is.
  • We will make your stay in the Maternity Ward as comfortable as possible. Thus, your dream of the perfect place for giving birth will come true.

Vaginal Birth Package

If you wish to give birth in warm and cosy surroundings, in a home-like environment, want your partner or other loved one to be with you and at the same time want to know that all medical safety standards are met, this package is the perfect solution for you. When giving birth, you will be taken car of by medical staff on duty. They will make sure that you are safe until you leave the hospital.

You will have a single room at your disposal, where you and your baby will stay for 2 days after the birth. During this time, your baby will be taken care of by a neonatologist and will be given all required vaccinations and tests/examinations, such as a hearing screening test.

By adding services to the Vaginal Birth Package, you can customise our offer to your needs.

Additional services:

  • care during labour provided by a gynaecologist-obstetrician (chosen by the patient);
  • care during labour provided by a midwife (chosen by the patient);
  • care during labour provided by Jeannette Kalyta;
  • care provided by a neonatologist;
  • antenatal classes, including a baby first aid course;
  • postnatal consultation with a midwife, including breastfeeding advice or baby’s sleep consultation – home visit.

A list of our recommended doctors and midwives is available HERE
Detailed information about services included in the package can be found HERE 

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