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Every birth is a miracle full of the magic of motherhood. It is an unforgettable moment for which women prepare all their lives, especially during the 9 months of pregnancy.

The role of midwives at Medicover Hospital is to provide care, support and knowledge – from preparation for pregnancy to a happy delivery. This requires us to have a great understanding of the needs of our patients, their expectations and the pregnancy discomfort they experience. We do our best to ensure the best conditions in the Ward to experience the miracle of new life. Out of respect for this special moment, we always make every effort to ensure that mum and her baby are treated with the dignity they deserve and with special care for their health and comfort until they return home.

We will do everything so that you can always recall the preparation for the delivery and the birth of your child as a wonderful experience. We offer the Medicover Hospital Labour Packages to all mums-to-be who want to give birth in a safe and comfortable place.

Safety as standard – we know that you want to be sure that you and your baby are safe, which is why each labour room is equipped with a system for monitoring the health of the newborn. In the immediate vicinity of the labour room there is the Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care Ward where your baby will be provided specialist treatment if there are any complications. The Hospital also houses the Postoperative Care Unit and the Intensive Care Unit which, thanks to its highly qualified staff, will also ensure your full medical safety.

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We want you to feel comfortable – we know how important your comfort is during the difficult moments in the early stages of childbirth. You can use hydromassage showers, hydrotherapy bathtubs and balls. At our Hospital, it is you who decides about your body and how the delivery is to proceed. The medical staff respect your rights and decisions, making sure that you are given privacy and feel comfortable.

Peace and privacy – we know you need privacy during and after childbirth. We offer you postnatal rooms equipped with TV, Internet access and air conditioning.


At the Medicover Hospital, we also offer Pregnancy Care Packages – see our offer

Care at our Hospital

Children are born every day in a safe and caring environment. We take great care of the health of your baby and yours. Safety is our top priority. We are fully prepared to take care of you during these special days in a professional manner and in accordance with all procedures.

Knowing how important it is to experience the birth of a child together, we make it possible for your partner to be present during both vaginal and caesarean birth. By following our hospital safety procedures, your partner can enter the operating theatre and support you during the procedure. Regardless of how long the labour lasts, your partner can be with you all the time. We do not limit this time which, depending on the pace of the labour, ranges from a few to several hours.

We know that the birth of a child is a special moment. Therefore, after the birth, the partner can stay with the mum and baby. The first moments together are a good time for kangaroo care.

Dear Parents, we do our best to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for you and your baby. The implementation of additional procedures has helped us to continue our operations. Thus, our Hospital is a place where children are safely born every day.

Childbirth in a safe environment at the Medicover Hospital

Medical staff

Ewa Kurowska, MD, PhD – Head of the Maternity Ward, gynaecologist

She graduated from the Medical University of Białystok.

She has a second degree specialisation in gynaecology and obstetrics.

She defended her doctoral thesis on the treatment of patients with ovarian cancer with honours. Author of numerous publications in industry and popular journals, co-author of obstetrics and aesthetic gynaecology textbooks.
For her scientific work she was awarded the First Degree Didactic Award by the Vice-chancellor of the Medical University of Warsaw.
As an expert, she is often invited by popular TV stations. She performs procedures and operations using modern endoscopic techniques, as well as classical and plastic gynaecology methods.




 Obstetrics Clinic team:

Cooperating doctors:

Robert Brawura-Biskupski-Samaha, Zofia Borowiec, Joanna Bubak-Dawidziuk, Maciej Byrczak, Wiesław Ciebiera, Ewa Dądalska, Marzena Dębska, Pascal Eechout, Wojciech Falęcki, Justyna Filipek, Warwara Ganuszewicz, Robert Gardocki, Wojciech Grzybowski, Joanna Jacko, Oliwia Janiczek, Jarosław Kaczyński, Magdalena Korniluk, Bożena Kowalska-Raczyńska, Krzysztof Kucharski, Magdalena Langner, Marek Litmanowicz, Krzysztof Maj, Katarzyna Matuszny, Elżbieta Muszyńska, Iryna Nitefor, Krzysztof Pancześnik, Katarzyna Pietruch, Maciej Pliszkiewicz, Andrzej Raczyński, Piotr Raczyński, Ewa Rogowiecka, Tomasz Rokicki, Tomasz Songin, Piotr Stec, Marcin Wieczorek, Piotr Żołnierczyk.

Jeannette Kalyta – Ward Coordinating Midwife with over thirty years of professional experience.

The author of the book entitled “Położna. 3550 cudów narodzin”.
A precursor of new trends in obstetrics.
A coordinator of the midwives team. She has been in charge of the Maternity Ward at Medicover for two years.
Her talent combined with exceptional diligence made her an unquestionable authority in her field.
Her mission is to make sure that women give birth feeling safe and that newborns are treated with respect.

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