At the Obesity Treatment Clinic at Medicover Hospital patients are looked after by a team of specialists: a bariatric doctor, a dietician, a surgeon, a psychologist, and a physical therapist. Their knowledge and support will help you will achieve your ideal weight more easily. To ensure best possible weight loss results, we will adapt the program to your age, gender, type of obesity and any coexisting conditions

The treatment process begins with a two-stage qualification program consisting of consultations with specialists and laboratory tests. On this basis, we choose the appropriate weight loss method for you - a conservative program or surgical obesity treatment.

It is a program for people whose BMI is 40 or 35 and who additionally suffer from secondary conditions to obesity (hypertension, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis).

During the program, the patient is under the care of a bariatric doctor, dietitian and psychologist. The program involves a surgical procedure (gastric sleeve resection) consisting of reducing the stomach volume to about 30%. This restricts food intake, and reduces the feeling of hunger as a result of reducing the secretion of "hunger hormones". Patients feel satisfied after eating very little food. With this program, patients can expect significant and sustained weight loss.

Program Price: PLN 27 900 (including PLN 990 - cost of the qualification program)