Rehasport Clinic – a world-class medicine!

More than 400 employees, more than one hundred thousand medical consultations and more than three thousand complicated orthopaedic operations – that is the annual activity of Rehasport Clinic in a nutshell. These numbers are increasing from month to month, because as a leading medical facility in Poland we are growing fast.

Rehasport has been active on the national and international medical market for almost 20 years. This is the highest level of competence from the top of the world in the field of orthopaedics and rehabilitation.

Every patient can count on comprehensive care, starting with a medical consultation, continuing with surgery or conservative rehabilitation, and finishing with an arduous process of recovery under the supervision of excellent physiotherapists. During that time we have been trusted by hundreds of thousands of patients, including Maria Nowak and Jan Kowalski, as well as outstanding athletes, Olympic champions and idols of several generations of fans. This trust is the result of the work of the entire Rehasport team - administrative staff, as well as orthopaedists, radiologists, physiotherapists, biomechanists, motor training coaches and specialists in many other fields of medicine.

We try to restore to our patients what is most important for everyone: health. Excellent treatment results are ensured by cultivating the idea of Professor Wiktor Dega, the pioneer of the Polish school of orthopaedics. He assumed that cooperation between the doctor, the physiotherapist and the patient is essential to achieve this goal. This is exactly how we do it in the Rehasport clinic.

We are trusted not only by our patients, but also by many Polish and foreign institutions. In 2014 we became the first centre in the country to receive the highest accreditation of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association – FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence. The Australian Institute of Sport has recognised us as a key partner within Europe for the diagnosis and treatment of its players.

We are the official medical partner of six sports associations in Poland, dozens of clubs and hundreds of athletes. We take care of the country's representatives in handball, sailing, tennis, field hockey, sledging, speedway or athletics. We are trusted by the leading football club Lech Poznań.

Our Science Department is very active – it carries out projects and research that have a strong impact on the development of medicine in the world. We actively participate in scientific conferences, presenting our achievements. Among other things, we have developed an innovative method of arthroscopic treatment of articular cartilage damage.

We also carry out many educational activities. We carry out a series of training courses for physiotherapists throughout Poland, constantly raising their competence. Our doctors are trainers of advanced surgical techniques. We run numerous courses for doctors from abroad, during which they learn about modern methods of surgical treatment. Since 2010, we have been treating people injured in road traffic accidents and we are a key partner for the largest insurance companies.

Rehasport Clinic has regional centres in Poznań, Warsaw, Gdańsk and Konin, in addition to a network of Licensed Rehabilitation Centres in over a hundred locations across the country. In 2013 we opened a modern orthopaedic hospital in Poznań.

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