Medicover Hospital’s mission is to provide patients with professional medical assistance.

It is our greatest priority to take care of the well-being and safety of our patients. In light of the current epidemic situation caused by #COVID2019, we are following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Chief Sanitary Inspector. Therefore, we have implemented a number of necessary changes. Below you will find some information related to the functioning of our hospital and safety rules.

By acting together, we can stop the pandemic. We ask you to follow the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector – #stayhome wherever possible.

Questions and answers for patients

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Current hospital functioning

Our mission is to provide professional medical assistance. Caring for the well-being and safety of patients and our employees is our top priority.

We provide medical care 24/7, also on Sundays and holidays.

All hospital wards are fully operational and all procedures and surgeries are performed.

The Emergency Unit at the Medicover Hospital continues providing emergency help. As for now, you can make an appointment with an emergency doctor, a paediatrician and a paediatric surgeon; please note that child may be accompanied by only one parent/caretaker. Additionally, laboratory tests are not performed on demand within the Emergency Unit.

At the Hospital Consultation Centre, we provide inpatient visits in the following fields: surgery, vascular surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics, qualification for delivery (obstetrician, anaesthesiologist) and neonatology, bariatrics, male medicine, holistic consultations, urology, orthopaedics, laryngology. Moreover, we perform the following diagnostic tests: ultrasound (paediatric, for adults, orthopaedic, for endometriosis), pregnancy ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, endoscopic examinations.

For more information, please contact us at +48 500 900 900.

Telephone medical advice

Out of concern for the safety of our Patients and to provide the best possible medical support, we have launched phone medical advice.

Phone consultations at the Medicover Hospital are available in the following fields: surgery, vascular surgery, gynaecology/obstetrics, neonatology, anaesthesiology, bariatrics, male medicine, holistic consultations, urology, cardiology, diabetics, dietetics, adult haematology, paediatric haematology, endocrinology.
During a remote consultation, a doctor can: give advice, issue an e-presc.ription and sick note, recommend a stationary appointment in a medical facility if required by health condition.

To make an appointment, please contact the hospital's hotline at +48 500 900 900. During the phone call, we will provide details about the consultation - the date and how to prepare for it. You will be contacted by our physician at the scheduled time.

Please note: visits are available only to patients using the phone number with the Polish country code (+48).

Pregnancy and childbirth

Children are born every day in safe and caring conditions in our hospital. We take great care of the health of the mothers and their children. This is our highest priority. We are fully prepared to provide patients with professional care during this exceptional time, following all the safety measures.

More information about the current activities of the obstetric department – CLICK








Safety standards are our top priority. That is why we operate in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, Chief Sanitary Inspector and national consultants.



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