In Medicover Hospital, babies are born every day in a safe environment and under tender care of medical staff. In 2020, 709 girls and 771 boys were born in our hospital. In total, since 2009, 4,841 girls and 5,230 boys have been born (10,071 babies).

The Maternity Ward is one of 7 wards of Medicover Hospital. Thanks to the cooperation of doctors from different wards, our patients have access to high-class specialists in various fields and team consultations (medical consultations) are held to discuss complicated cases.

The hospital regularly undergoes audits by independent institutions that monitor medical safety standards and the quality of hospital care. We meet the criteria for the second referral level centres and have the accreditation of the Ministry of Health, confirming the highest standard of medical services.

The high level of our services is confirmed by certificates and awards received by the Hospital. We have been awarded the “Szpital bez bólu” [Pain-free Hospital] certificate which confirms that we apply the highest pain management standards. In 2019, Medicover Hospital was ranked first in the Polish ranking of Fundacja Rodzić po Ludzku [Childbirth with Dignity Foundation].

We offer services provided by experienced medical staff and have well-equipped rooms and wards. We have a Neonatal Intensive Care Ward which guarantees immediate assistance if needed.

To make it possible for parents to go through this emotional experience, i.e. birth of their child, together, we have implemented safety procedures that allow birth partners to support a woman when she is giving birth and to stay in the Maternity Ward.

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