Medicover Pharmacies are fifteen pharmacies located in five major cities: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan and Krakow. They operate at selected Medicover medical centres, infertility treatment clinics and branches of the Damian Medical Centre. Pharmacies are an integral part of Medicover's comprehensive patient care programme.

The concept of pharmacies operating as part of the centres is based on close cooperation between physicians and pharmacists. Constant mutual communication between the staff supports the interests and expectations of our patients and ensures the highest-quality services. The adopted strategy makes it possible to adjust the range of products available in pharmacies to the constantly changing demand. It also facilitates exchange of information on the availability and prices of particular medicinal products. Any difficulties that may result, for instance, from prolonged unavailability of a given medicine on the market are solved between a pharmacy and a physician. If necessary, the pharmacist contacts the physician in the presence of the patient and clears any doubts concerning the presc.ription. All of this to make the treatment more comfortable for the patient, who will not have to engage in time-consuming search for the prescribed medicine all over the city. Medicover Pharmacies also offer medicines that are rare or difficult to obtain, even those very expensive from the point of view of their storage, guaranteeing the possibility of initiating the treatment immediately, without the need to order the presc.ription and go to the pharmacy again to collect it. For this reason, the pharmacies also cooperate with numerous direct suppliers and negotiate the best prices. Patients use comprehensive Medicover services available all at the same address, which saves their time and is very convenient. This is why they greatly appreciate this solution.

High standard and professionalism of pharmaceutical advice that the patients can be sure to get at Medicover Pharmacies ensures that they have an unrivalled position on the market. The quality is taken care of by a professional team. Medicover Pharmacies employ pharmacists who follow their vocation fully through providing complete and accurate information. The underlying objective of each individual piece of advice provided to the patient is his or her good in the broadest sense of the word. Pharmacists focus on the current needs of the patients, making it easier for them to follow physicians’ recommendations and recover fast.

Medicover Pharmacies ensure pharmaceutical care in accordance with the current legal requirements:

  • dispensing presc.riptions;
  • dispensing medicines and medical devices;
  • preparing and dispensing compounded medicines;
  • providing information about medicines and medical devices.

The offer of Medicover Pharmacies also includes dermocosmetics, dietary supplements, dental and ecological products.