Do you know that healthy and satisfied employees build the value of your company?

Your employees are the key to success. Providing them with access to high-quality comprehensive medical care is one of the most appreciated non-financial benefits for your employees, and the best return on the investment into their health for your company.

Provide your employees with the best healthcare available on the Polish market.

What benefits will you get as an employer

  • Thanks to the medical care at Medicover, you will successfully retain the best employees in your company.
  • Employees will be more motivated and you will win new ones more easily.
  • Thanks to tailor-made healthcare, your employees will be ill less often and even if they come down with some illness, they will come back to work more quickly.
  • Your employee will not waste time to schedule and undergo occupational medicine examinations – we carry out most of them within a single day, during one appointment at our centre.
  • Providing your employees with medical care, you will take care of their health and the health of their families, thereby creating the image of a professional entrepreneur and enhancing the attractiveness of your company on your market.
  • You will be able to deduct the costs of your healthcare for tax purposes.
  • You will sign the agreement quickly, easily and conveniently – we guarantee minimum formalities while signing and executing the agreement
  • You will be able to offer your employees a simple choice of non-financial benefits via the Cafeteria Platform – Medicover Benefits
Medicover customers save on their healthcare expenditure, without sparing the health of their employees – as much as PLN 1004 per employee annually!

What benefits will you get as an employee

  • Health safety:
    • Your health will be taken care of by your attending physician who knows you and your health-related needs.
    • If you are chronically ill, your medical care will be coordinated by the same specialist.
    • You will also be able to extend the healthcare services to include your relatives.
    • You will be able to contact your physician from wherever you are, even if you travel a lot.
    • In case of sudden illness or accident, you will be able to contact a 24/7 medical helpline – HotLine
  • Time savings and convenience:
    • You will schedule the appointments on suitable dates, at a selected location and in a way most convenient for you – via the Internet, telephone or in person.
    • You can benefit from the healthcare at Medicover Centres in Poland and Europe, at the Medicover Hospital and in the extended network of facilities all across the country, including in smaller localities.
    • Thanks to the Medicover Express service, you will have your medical appointment scheduled even on the same day.
    • Besides a standard appointment at the facility, you will have access to a wide range of telemedical services. You will get medical advice quickly and conveniently, also without the need to go out of your home or office – by using the chat and video consultation options with physicians and the telephone-based advice service.
    • Some of the issues related to your health can be handled remotely via telephone or the Internet, e.g. when you order presc.riptions for your regular medication.

Find out why it is worth choosing the Medicover healthcare for your company

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