A dental implant is the latest and most natural solution for missing teeth. It is a small
titanium screw, which, when implanted in the jaw bone, replaces the tooth root.
A porcelain or ceramic crown is then attached to it, and its shade can be adjusted to that
of our natural teeth. 
With implants your smile can again have a beautiful glow.

Types of implants

At Medicover we use the best quality implant systems, which have been clinically tested in many centres around the world, and are used in the leading clinics in the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. We offer both standard and premium-class implants.

Our implant treatments are administered:

  • painlessly - with local anaesthesia or, at the request of the patient, under general anaesthesia
  • safely - using the highest quality components
  • professionally - our specialists have performed thousands of similar procedures
  • responsibly – implant-based prosthetic solutions are stable, making it comfortable for the patient to eat, speak or smile

Stages of implant treatment:

1. Dental visit

  • During the visit the doctor conducts a general interview, examines the dentition, and evaluates the option for restoring missing teeth using implants.
  • The primary diagnostic test necessary to undertake the treatment is the pantomographic X-ray. Occasionally the implantologist may order additional tests, e.g. CT scan or bone densitometry. Patients who have their X-ray films (e.g. pantomogram) should bring them to the appointment. The implantologist will take a current picture, but the earlier images are relevant to the assessment of the dentition. Based on the test results the doctor selects the best individual treatment for each patient, with whom he then establishes a treatment plan.

2. Implant surgery

    The procedure of placing the implant in the bone is performed under local anaesthesia. It is a painless procedure, performed very delicately. After the treatment, the patient receives instructions from the doctor for further proceedings. They don’t differ significantly from those given after other oral cavity procedures, e.g. post tooth extraction.

3. Follow-up visit

Usually takes place within 10-14 days after implant surgery.

4. Prosthetic restoration

    Prosthetic reconstruction of the implant (crowns, bridges, dentures) is usually done within 2-6 months after the implant surgery. In some cases, it is possible to start prosthetic work on the implant immediately.