As we have your data, you are entitled to the processing rights provided for in the GDPR. Please find below all the necessary information on how to submit and execute requests to exercise your rights.  

  1. How can I submit a request to exercise my rights regarding the processing of personal data?

You can do this in a couple of ways:

- by regular mail: Medicover Försäkrings AB (publ.) Spółka Akcyjna - Oddział w Polsce, Al. Jerozolimskie 96, 00-807 Warszawa

- in an electronic format:            

to this email address:                          

through a contact form in the Contact tab

- by calling +48 500 900 500

- in person at each centre

- directly to our data protection officer:

  1. What can I apply for?

You have the following rights with respect to the processing of personal data:

  1. the right to object to the processing of data for marketing purposes;
  2. the right to object to the processing of data on the basis of your particular circumstances, in cases where we process your data on the basis of our justified interest;
  3. the right to withdraw your consent;
  4. the right to access your personal data;
  5. the right to request to amend your personal data;
  6. the right to demand the deletion of your personal data only if we are not required by law to process them;
  7. the right to request that the processing of your personal data be restricted;
  8. the right to transfer your personal data, i.e. the right to receive your personal data from us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable computer format. You may transfer your data to another data controller or request that we transfer your data to another data controller. However, we will only do so if this transfer is technically possible.
  1. What information should I provide in my application?

In order to be able to accept your application and investigate it, as well as to prepare our response, we need to know:

- who you are;

- which right and what range of this right shall be applied;

- what is the preferred feedback communication channel.

  1. How long will I wait for the response / for the requested action?

In order to thoroughly investigate your case and to be able to fulfil your request in justified cases, we have adopted the following time limits:

Subject of request


the right to object to the processing of data for marketing purposes

21 days

the right to object to the processing of data on the basis of a particular situation

21 days

the right of access the data

21 days

the right to request amendments

7 days

the right to request restrictions on the processing of personal data

21 days

the right to request erasure of data ('the right to be forgotten')

7 days

the right to transfer data

21 days


  1. Will I be covered with any costs of executing my rights?

The execution of the rights of the persons whom the data apply to shall be free of charge. In the case of the right to access the data, however, in accordance with the provisions of law, we reserve the right to charge a fee for provision of copies of the data resulting from the exercise of the right as specified in Art. 15 of the GDPR.

  1. Will each of my requests be fulfilled?

Any request you make will be forwarded to our data protection officer for review and will result in a response to your request about its implementation – the answer will come from us.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that the result of the analysis may be a refusal to fulfil your request in the event that it proves to be unjustified from the perspective of applicable provisions of law.

An example of this is the inability to exercise the right to delete the data ("the right to be forgotten") in the case of having medical records created at [company name], when as a healthcare entity we are obliged by law to process the data contained in medical records as a rule for the period of 20 years (Patients' Rights and Patient's Ombudsman Act).

  1. How can I withdraw my marketing consent?

You can cancel your marketing consents by contacting our Customer Service at +48 500 900 500 or by sending an email to