Can I use Medicover services as a non-member?

Yes. Even if your Medicover package expired, you can still arrange appointments and examinations on fee-for-service basis, or you can buy an individual healthcare package for yourself or your family. You can purchase individual services online at or arrange fee-for-service appointments by calling the Customer Care Infoline at 500 900 500.

How can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by:

  • using the Medicover OnLine application (Appointments and consultations >> Make an appointment)
  • calling Customer Care at 500 900 500

How can I cancel an appointment?

You can cancel an appointment by:

  • using the Medicover OnLine application (Appointments and consultations >> Cancel an appointment)
  • sending an SMS message saying NIE to 500 100 808,
  • calling Customer Care at 500 900 500.

Can I make an appointment online?

If you have an active Medicover healthcare package you can use our convenient Medicover OnLine application at

How can I get help in an emergency?

Patients with active Medicover healthcare packages can call our 24h emergency service – Hot Line Medicover at 500 900 999.

How can I check the prices of services provided at medical centres?

You can consult the prices of services by calling Customer Care on 500 900 500.

Where can I check doctors' office hours?

If you have an active Medicover healthcare package, you can consult doctors' office hours by logging in to the Medicover OnLine application. Go to Appointments and consultations and select Doctors' office hours.

If you do not have an active Medicover healthcare package, you can check any doctor's office hours by calling Customer Care at 500 900 500.

How can I check the scope of services covered by my medical package?

Log in to Medicover OnLine, choose My Profile from the horizontal menu and then Card Coverage. Enter the type of service you are interested in and check whether it is covered by your medical care plan.

How can I order a home visit by an internist/paediatrician?

You can order a home visit by calling the 24h Hot Line Medicover Emergency service at 500 900 999

Where can I find the information on how to prepare for an examination?

The information on how to prepare for examinations is available:
- at the Medicover website
- after logging in to the full version of the Medicover OnLine service: go to Health Zone and select Preparing for examinations 

How to order medical records?

You can order medical records yourself through the Medicover OnLine app.

  • After logging on to Medicover OnLine at, in the "Health" tab, select "Medical records order".
  • Select the consultations to be included in your medical records and press the "Go to summary" button.
  • Select the method of collecting medical records – and click “Order”.
  • When collecting the records please remember to bring your ID card or another document confirming your identity (an official document confirming the person's identity, e.g. a passport or a residence card).

You may also order medical records at the reception desk of any Medicover Centre or by calling the Customer Contact Centre at +48 500 900 500. Ask the receptionist or hotline consultant about the fee for preparing the records.

How can I transfer medical records from my previous health centre to Medicover?

If you have a Medicover healthcare package offered to you by your employer:

If your employer changes its medical services provider to Medicover, our team will take care of transferring the medical records of your occupational medical exams. You can order your remaining records from the previous provider on your own and then submit them at any Medicover centre.

If you have an individual Medicover healthcare package:

You can order your records from the previous provider and then submit them at any Medicover centre.

Can someone else collect my medical records at Medicover?

A third party can collect a patient's medical records in his or her behalf.

You can authorize a third party to collect your medical records. The authorized third party has to show an identity document to collect your medical records. For a third party to collect your medical records, you can submit a permanent or one-time authorization:

  • permanent authorization - issued for the third party by the patient in the presence a Medicover receptionist on the official Medicover form
  • one-time authorization - issued for a third party by the patient; the authorization should comprise:
  • personal details of the patient and the authorized third party
  • information concerning the records to be released
  • the patient's telephone number which a receptionist will call to confirm the information stated in the authorization.

Will my appointment take place if I am late?

If you expect to be late for an appointment, please call Customer Care at 500 900 500. Our consultant will help you to find a convenient solution.

What details do I need for my sick leave to be issued?

To issue a sick leave, we will need:

  • your first name, surname, date of birth, personal identification number (PESEL)
  • your address (including the postcode) at which you will be available during your sick leave
  • social insurance details (whether your insurance is ZUS or KRUS)
  • your tax identification number (NIP), your ID card number, or your passport number
  • payer's (i.e. employer's) tax identification number (NIP)
  • if you are employed by two employers at the same time, you will be issued two separate sick notes with different NIP numbers 

Is an appointment necessary for a doctor to issue a prescription for a patient?

If you have an active Medicover healthcare package and your last prescription for the medication was issued no later than 12 months ago, you can order a new prescription:

How can I modify my personal data in Medicover systems?

If you have an active Medicover healthcare package, you can change:

  • your telephone number
  • your e-mail address
  • your home address and correspondence address

by logging in to the Medicover OnLine application.

The above data can also be modified at the reception desk of any Medicover centre after showing an ID with a photo.

How can I verify my consents to personal data processing?

Log in to the Medicover OnLine application, go to My Profile and select Your data. You can check which consents are ticked off in Declarations and consents.