Who is the application for?

The e-Member application is offered to companies purchasing Medicover healthcare packages to help them to manage the services in a convenient way.

The application is available at https://mol.medicover.pl/

What functional features are available in the application?

e-Member allows for the following functions:

  • Persons subscribed online will be automatically visible in the medical systems, which will allow for instant access to services offered by Medicover centres;
  • you have direct access to all administration data, i.e. the list of entitled persons, prices, e-invoices;
  • you can generate reports concerning Medicover services at any time;
  • you can generate occupational medicine reports: validity of fitness for work certificates, expiry dates of such certificates, and types of examinations performed,
  • you can prepare templates of the most frequent types of referrals for occupational medical examinations,
  • you can read the latest issue of Puls Medicover with Medicover current offer and promotions,
  • you can check the number of non-cancelled appointments by the company's employees.

How can I get a log-in and a password?

In order to gain your access to e-Member, please contact the company's Administration Manager.

How can I subscribe an employee for medical care? How can I unsubscribe an employee from medical care?

In order to subscribe/unsubscribe an employee for/from the medical care, use the appropriate function in the Persons tab:

  • Activate care – activation of access to medical services for a new employee
  • Terminate care – deactivation of access to medical services for an employee 

How can I download an invoice?

In e-Invoices section, you can download Medicover invoices for healthcare packages

How can I recover my log-in details?

If you do not remember the password to the e-Member application, you can generate a new password on your own. To do this, please click Forgotten password? on the log-in page.

The system will ask you to enter your current customer number and e-mail address, and to rewrite the security code from the supplied image.

We will send you instructions to set up a new e-Member password to the previously specified e-mail address.