How can I buy a Medicover healthcare package?

You can purchase a healthcare package:

What is the cost of the medical care?

You can check the prices of individual medical care packages:

How can I extend Medicover medical care to my family?

If you have an individual healthcare package and want to extend it to your family members, call 500 900 644 and our consultant will help you choose an optimal package.

If your healthcare package is offered to you by your employer, contact your employer to extend Medicover care to your family members.

Can I continue to use Medicover services after my medical care package has expired?

Yes. Even if your Medicover package expired, you can still arrange appointments and examinations on fee-for-service basis, or you can buy an individual healthcare package for yourself or your family. You can purchase individual services online at or arrange fee-for-service appointments by calling the Customer Care Infoline at 500 900 500.

I want to continue using Medicover services on my own after the package offered by my employer expired. Is this possible?

Yes. You can either use consultations and examinations on fee-for-service basis or you can buy an individual healthcare package. You can pick a package through: