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About the Department

Orthopaedic conditions are most often the result of injuries or degenerative disease of the musculoskeletal system which develops slowly over years. Living a healthy lifestyle, which is so popular nowadays, and playing sports regularly by an increasing number of Poles lead to an increased risk of acute and chronic injuries. Regardless of their cause, they reduce our mobility, causing pain and discomfort in everyday life, and may result in permanent damage to the musculoskeletal system. That is why the Rehasport Clinic team, to meet the expectations of our patients, provides the best care for athletes, amateurs and people with chronic musculoskeletal injuries.

As the only centre in Poland, we have the UEFA quality certificate – we have joined the prestigious group of centres providing the best medical care to professional athletes.

When there is no other remedy, surgery is often necessary. Early and correct diagnosis, in addition to the knowledge and skills of our doctors, ensure the success of surgical treatment. That is why all patients have access to our modern diagnostic centre at the Medicover Hospital. We perform X-ray examinations, computed tomography and high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging. We use ultrasound as a tool for functional imaging of soft tissue damage during joint movement.

Our doctors, constantly improving their qualifications in Poland and abroad, use the best possible methods in both surgical and conservative treatment. Based on our long-term experience and the experience of the best orthopaedic centres in Europe and in the world, we have created our own model of treatment of acute and chronic injuries. Our staff includes instructors of arthroscopy and treatment of degenerative diseases, lecturers at orthopaedic conferences and instructional courses.

Surgery alone is not enough. Successful surgical treatment is often 50% of the success. The other half is to be ensured by good rehabilitation. Therefore, the involvement of the doctor, physiotherapist and patient, as well as constant contact between them, create ideal conditions for recovery from the injury. To meet these standards, our patients are provided professional care of physiotherapists. We use the most modern equipment available on the Polish market, such as anti-gravity treadmills and Biodex.

Before we undertake surgical treatment of orthopaedic conditions, we first apply conservative treatment, including the use of growth factors to stimulate the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues.


Procedures performed at the Medicover Hospital include the following:

Medical staff

Doctors performing the procedures: 

Outpatient treatment

For many years, medicine has been looking for ways to improve tissue healing and reduce the time it takes for bones to knit or soft tissues to heal.

One of the ways is the treatment with the use of growth factors, treatment with stem cells and acceleration of bone healing with EXOGEN.

In many orthopaedic conditions, treatment with periarticular injections is still recommended.

Treatment with the use of growth factors

Growth factors can be used to support surgical treatment of bone fractures, in knee ligament reconstruction or during the reconstruction of a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Growth factors are administered to patients in the outpatient setting mainly in degenerative and strain changes of soft tissues (especially tendons and muscles) and joints. Everything is done under ultrasound guidance. The growth factor goes exactly to the affected areas.


The modern Orthokine® therapy takes advantage of the body’s own natural healing mechanism.

The Orthokine® therapy involves injections of serum prepared from the patient’s own blood. The blood taken from the patient is incubated at 37°C. During this process, the blood cells produce protective anti-inflammatory proteins. The serum with the protective proteins is then separated from the blood clot and injected one to three times a week into the affected area to inhibit the inflammatory process and stimulate tissue regeneration.

The Orthokine® therapy is used in osteoarthritis, back pain, Achilles tendinopathy and other conditions.


Periarticular injections 

Periarticular injections are used for bursitis and tendon strain lesions. Periarticular injections are to eliminate or reduce pain and inflammation in these structures.

The procedure consists in the administration of injections with an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent into the periarticular structures, such as ligaments, tendons, muscles, synovial bursae and joint capsules.


Stem cell therapy – LIPOGEMS

The LIPOGEMS therapy involves the injection of purified and mechanically processed adipose tissue removed in liposuction. The injection is administered into the affected area where regeneration and repair of damaged tissue is required.

In addition to adipose tissue, Lipogems contains numerous capillaries which contain perivascular cells called pericytes. As a result of numerous fragmentations, they are transformed into mesenchymal stem cells which stop scar forming processes, stop the process of cell death and strengthen natural ability of cells to regenerate. They also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

The Lipogems procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic or, in more sensitive patients, intravenous anaesthetic. One of the main advantages of the Lipogems method is that it is minimally invasive, is a one-time procedure (no need to multiply cells in a laboratory) and is not traumatic. The Lipogems procedure does not require hospitalisation and allows the patient to go home within a few hours of its completion.

The procedure is particularly recommended:

  • in the treatment of degenerative joint changes
  • for the reconstruction of bone and cartilage tissues
  • in intervertebral disc degeneration
  • in anti-aging medicine


Orthopaedic ultrasound includes the following:  

  • shoulder joint, elbow joint, wrist, hand joints, hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint and foot joints
  • muscles
  • upper and lower limb tendons, e.g. hand tendons and Achilles tendon
  • median nerve (carpal tunnel syndrome), ulnar nerve, radial nerve, sciatic nerve and other nerves
  • other – soft tissues of the lower and upper limbs

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