Diagnostic packages for children prepared by the specialists at Medicover Hospital include carefully selected examinations and consultations that enable an accurate and detailed assessment of your child's health condition.

Early and correct diagnostics is crucial, as it enables the initiation of an appropriate treatment and thus facilitates preventing life-threatening diseases.

Diagnostic packages offered at Medicover Hospital allow for:

  • having all tests and examinations performed at one location,
  • exclusion of potential coexisting conditions,
  • undergoing tests and examinations without referrals for diagnostics,
  • easy and quick access to consultations with specialists,
  • obtaining recommendations for further treatment,
  • full control over the child’s health condition,
  • constant presence of parents at a side of a diagnosed child,
  • the child's stay in hospital shortened to a minimum while ensuring the proper diagnostic process.

The offered packages include the following diagnostics:

Growth deficiency – see more

We mark the height of our baby on the door frame. Observation of the changing position of lines is fun for kids and proves parents that the child is growing. However, sometimes the lines move upwards very slowly. If it seems to you that your child is growing at a slower rate than their peers, try to discover why this is happening.

Abdominal pain package – see more

Abdominal pain is one of the most common reasons for a child to visit the doctor. It can be a sign of many different diseases. Therefore, it is essential to be very cautious and to sign your child for examinations that will allow to accurately diagnose the causes of abdominal pain.

Headaches package – see more

Discover what is causing your child's headaches. Get a full diagnostic – in just 6 hours you will obtain a detailed assessment of your child's health condition.

Anaemia package – see more

If a treatment with oral iron supplements does not solve the problem of your child’s anaemia, it might be worth carrying out a thorough diagnosis to discover the reasons behind it.

Recurrent fever package – see more

A package of diagnostics of recurrent febrile state. During your child’s stay at the Department of Children’s Health at Medicover Hospital, we will try to find the answer to your question: “Doctor, why does my child have a fever so often?”.

Hydration package – see more

At the Department of Children’s Health at Medicover Hospital, your child will recover in a friendly, home-like, comfortable atmosphere, surrounded by a team of specialists. We will diagnose the infection and indicate the method and duration of intravenous rehydration based on the age of your child and the state of dehydration.

Allergy package – vaccination – see more

Does your child have a severe allergy to chicken eggs or were there any serious reactions to previous vaccinations (such as dyspnoea, loss of consciousness, anaphylactic shock)? Are you afraid to vaccinate your children at a clinic, even though you know that vaccinations are necessary? We recommend getting your child vaccinated in hospital conditions during the child’s stay at the Department of Children’s Health at Medicover Hospital.

Allergy package – provocation test – see more

If your newborn has an allergy or suspected allergy, especially to cow's milk protein or egg white, a provocation test should be performed – preferably at 12-18 months of age.

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