Diagnostic packages for children are sets of tests and consultations prepared and carefully selected by healthcare professionals from the Medicover Hospital. 

They provide a detailed and through analysis of your child’s health. Early and proper diagnosis is crucial to undertaking the right treatment, and thus to preventing health and life-threatening diseases.

Diagnostic packages provide:

  • all tests performed in one place;
  • a possibility to exclude any co-existing diseases;
  • diagnostic tests performed without any referrals;
  • quick and easy access to consultations with medical specialists;
  • recommendations concerning further treatment;
  • full control and monitoring of child’s health;
  • a possibility for parents to stay with their child throughout all the tests;
  • the length of child’s hospital stay reduced to the minimum whilst ensuring the right process of a diagnostic assessment

We offer the following diagnostic packages for children:

  • Diagnosis of stomach ache – PLN 2 800
  • Growth hormone deficiency – PLN 2 400
  • Diagnosis of enlarged lymph glands – PLN 1 800
  • Diagnosis of head ache – PLN 2500
  • Diagnosis of body mass deficiency – PLN 2200