Is your child severely allergic to chicken eggs or had any reactions such as dyspnoea, fainting, anaphylactic shock after any previous vaccination? Are you afraid to vaccinate your children at the clinic, but know that vaccinations are necessary? We offer inpatient vaccinations for children during their stay at the Paediatric Ward of Medicover Hospital.

If the case of allergy to eggs, MMR or Priorix vaccines are administered. Other vaccines can also be administered during hospitalization. The child is admitted to the Paediatric Ward of Medicover Hospital in the morning, and then, after qualification and physical examination, the vaccine is administered. After the vaccination, we observe your child at the ward. A well-prepared professional team is ready to start treatment immediately in the event of any disturbing symptoms. The patient is discharged from the ward in the evening.

If you are interested in our package, please make an appointment with Radosław Suchner, M.D. (Head of the Paediatric Ward), at the Hospital Consultation Centre in order to qualify for the package.

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