Does your baby have an allergy or suspicion of allergy, in particular to cow's milk or egg white protein? If so, you should consider a food provocation test, preferably at 12-18 months. Don’t worry, we will do it together with you. We will easily and safely perform provocation tests during a hospital stay at the Department of Paediatrics at Medicover Hospital.

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During the package, we perform a provocation test for one allergen. If it is necessary to perform more provocation tests, it is necessary to arrange additional hospitalization.

Your child will be admitted to Medicover Hospital in the morning, and then given the food to which he/she is probably allergic. After administrating the food in increasing doses, we will observe your child in the ward. A team of professionals will be standing by if any disturbing symptoms occur and will be able to start treatment immediately. You child will be discharged from the hospital the next morning.

To use the services in the Package, you must have a referral from a doctor (paediatrician or allergist). In the absence of such a referral, prior consultation with a paediatrician at Medicover Hospital will be necessary - such a visit is additionally payable in accordance with the current price list.

  • The package price (1790 PLN) includes tests, consultations and the child's stay in the ward.
  • The Package is carried out in children aged 1 to 18 years.

    Doctor managing the diagnostic program: Dr Radosław Suchner.

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