Diagnostics of growth deficiency

We mark the height of our children on a door frame. The changing lines are a great source of thrill for our kids and an indicator of their proper growth for us. However, it sometimes happens that the line goes up very slowly. If you think your child grows more slowly than his or her peers, try to find the cause of this problem.

Our screening tests will make it possible to diagnose your child and exclude the following conditions:

  • hormonal disorders: deficiencies of the growth hormone, thyroid hormones, disturbances in steroid hormone metabolism;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • conditions of the gastrointestinal tract: malabsorption syndrome, food allergies and intolerances, deficiencies of essential nutrients;
  • infection-related causes: chronic parasitic, bacterial or viral infections.

The diagnostics of growth deficiency is performed without a referral in children up to 8 years of age (in the case of girls) and 10 years of age (in the case of boys). In other cases, diagnostic tests and examinations are performed on the basis of a referral issued by an endocrinologist.

In order to be able to rapidly solve the health problems of your children, without exposing them to unnecessary stress, book our diagnostic services. A consultation with a specialist can be booked by calling the following number – 500 900 900.

The price of the package (PLN 2,400) includes tests and examinations, consultations and 24-hour hospitalisation of the child.

The physician conducting the diagnostic programme: Agnieszka Rudzka-Kocjan MD.