Your child is often defected by germs and catches an illness? Frequent infections might be caused by inborn lack of immunity.

If your child...

  • attends a crèche, kindergarten or school
  • is often ill for a long time
  • is often on antibiotics as part of the treatment for upper respiratory tract infections

...order the “Immunity Plus” package - to assess your child’s health and boost the immune system!

The “Immunity Plus” Medical Check-Up for Children is an offer dedicated to children aged 3-18. It aims to provide a comprehensive assessment and strengthen your child’s immune system.

For your convenience, the provision of services within a medical check-up is coordinated - all the tests and consultations can be fulfilled during only two appointments in the Medicover Centre.

Benefits For Your Child:

  • comprehensive assessment of the immune system
  • the possibility to detect autoimmune diseases, including serious blood disorders (anaemia, leukaemia)
  • obtaining medical recommendation on how to boost your child’s immunity in a manner that it suitable for his/her health
  • if the physician’s recommendations are observed, it is possible to reduce the incidence of diseases in your child’s future
  • vaccinations that boost the immunity of your child

Check-up validity period: 3 months from the date indicated in the order confirmation.

Scope of the check-up:

  • blood tests:
    • complete blood count
    • iron
    • testing for immunodeficiency: Immunoglobulin A – IgA, Immunoglobulin G – IgG, Immunoglobulin M – IgM
  • a detailed medical history survey and risk assessment for congenital immunodeficiencies
  • medical examination
  • consultation of test results and the survey by an immunologist, who sends his/her opinion with recommendations directly to a paediatrician, without engaging parents and their children
  • consultation by a paediatrician, who discusses the test results and recommendations from an immunologist as well as indicates what should be done to improve your child’s immunity
  • counselling on boosting your immunity
  • the possibility to receive vaccinations that boost the immunity of your child, at a 20% discount - the discount applies to vaccinations against:
    • influenza (Influvac vaccination)
    • meningococci B (Bexsero vaccination)
    • meningococci ACWY(Nimenrix vaccination)
    • pneumococci (the Prevenar vaccination - a 13-valent vaccine, the Pneumo 23 vaccination - a 23-valent vaccine)
    • chickenpox (Varilrix vaccination)
    • tetanus/diphtheria/whooping cough (the Boostrix vaccination)
    • tetanus/diphtheria/whooping cough/polio (the Boostrix polio vaccination)

You can have your check-up at one of the following Medicover Centres:

  • Warszawa: Inflancka Medicover Centre, Praga Południe Medicover Centre
  • Łódź: Piłsudskiego Medicover Centre
  • Gdańsk: Grunwaldzka Medicover Centre
  • Gdynia: Medicover Centre For Children
  • Poznań: Andersa Medicover Centre
  • Wrocław: Strzegomska Medicover Centre
  • Katowice: Graniczna Medicover Centre
  • Kraków: Podgórska Medicover Centre
  • Szczecin: Malczewskiego Medicover Centre
  • Lublin: Konrada Wallenroda Medicover Centre