Parenthood is one of the greatest challenges in every person's life. You can never fully prepare for it but you can always expect something unexpected to happen. No wonder young mums-to-be are  worried if they can make it, anxious and concerned about their future role. Also dads have a fair share of problems. They often find it hard to adapt to the new reality and when they finally get used to it, they don't really know how they can help their wife/partner. While all these dilemmas are perfectly natural, it is important that the parents-to-be know how to overcome them and who to ask for advice, so they can fully enjoy this beautiful chapter in their lives.

With future and present parents in mind, here at Medicover Hospital we have created unique conditions and a friendly environment in which we offer antenatal classes in a pleasant atmosphere intended for those who would like to find out more about their new role in life. We are the only provider of antenatal classes that include small-group sessions during which our staff share with the participants valuable knowledge about the most common dilemmas that face parents in the first months of parenthood.

All those who would like to attend the classes are invited to enrol at our Parenting School here at Medicover, where they will not only learn how to prepare for the childbirth but will also find out how to responsibly bring up their child and how to ensure its safety and healthy development. Dissipate as many concerns as possible with the help our specialists here at Medicover!