The eye examination at a Medicover Optyk showroom in Poznań includes a detailed interview with a patient, a comprehensive examination of the visual system parameters and selection of an appropriate spectacle design. The examinations are carried out exclusively by qualified optometrists using modern ophthalmic equipment.

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Eye examinations in Poznań are carried out at the Medicover Optyk Nowy Rynek showroom at ul. Matyi 8. Patients with a Medicover subsc.ription may book a visit by logging on to Medicover OnLine, using Medicover mobile application or by calling the helpline (500 900 925). Patients who do not have a Medicover subsc.ription can purchase the examination at MediStore.


Where are the examinations in Poznań available?

How the eye examination is carried out

We can divide an eye examination into several stages.

Every eye examination can be divided into stages:


At the beginning, an optometrist talks with a patient about the reason for the visit, the source of the problems and the patient's needs. There are also questions about correction history, medication taken or lifestyle. It all affects our vision. It is often the poor habits at work or home that cause discomfort or decreased vision, and this is not reflected in vision impairment. In this case, the optometrist will recommend appropriate preventive measures or possible eye exercises.

2. Examining the vistual system parameters

After the patient's history has been gathered, the optometrist will perform a refraction test (both a computerised measurement of the defect and a full examination based on the patient's response), verify the binocular vision, and select the spectacle correction.

In the case of a contact lens fitting examination, the health of the anterior segment of the eyes (i.e., the eye, eyelids, conjunctiva, etc.) is also checked for contraindications to wearing lenses. You will be taught how to insert and remove your lenses and how to care for them.

3. Verifying the results

Once the lens powers in the patient's future glasses is identified, the optometrist verifies the correction in a trial frame. This allows the comfort and quality of vision to be assessed in conditions that are as close as possible to wearing glasses. At this stage, we tailor the correction to the visual challenges our patients face.

4. Choosing a right glasses design

Based on your interview and the examination result, we can suggest the best glasses or contact lens solution. There are hundreds of types of lens design. That is why we offer our knowledge and assistance so that you do not get lost in the maze of information, and together with the patient we choose the most suitable design. One that suits the patient's lifestyle and visual working habits.