Eye examination with fitting of vision correction

Eye examination with contact lens fitting

Probably all parents are aware that children's eyesight is extremely sensitive. Our kids are exposed to environmental factors such as intensive reading, but above all, they are increasingly affected by digital eye strain. The pandemic has done its bit - the hours spent in front of screens during on-line classes have not been without health consequences.  In recent months, increasing numbers of parents have noticed this (or similar) problem in their children and have sought advice from a specialist. Fortunately, children's eyesight is highly flexible, so correcting it properly can bring quick results.

Responding to the growing needs of our patients and bearing in mind the health of the youngest, we have created an offer of comprehensive eye examinations for children aged 10-16 conducted by Medicover Optyk optometrists. Check out our two options.


1. Eye examination with fitting of vision correction

Parent, please come to the examination with the information about your child's current vision correction (impairment) and the result of the funduscopic examination together with a "computer" examination printout (this examination is carried out by an ophthalmologist at the Medicover Centre).

We set aside a 30-minute consultation for each young patient who will undergo an eye examination with the selection of a spectacle correction. During this time, an optometrist will carry out a detailed analysis of the child's eyesight and tell parents about the recommended steps.

  • First, the optometrist will conduct a detailed interview to gather as much information as possible about your child's medical history (as well as their daily needs, ailments or possible correction history).
  • Afterwards, the specialist will examine your child's visual acuity and binocular vision (initial examination).
  • In the next step they will perform a full, detailed examination of your eyes (they will determine the correction for glasses, verify the functioning of the entire visual system, with emphasis on the functional state of accommodation).
  • Later in the examination, the optometrist will check the determined correction in the trial frame and make sure that the child sees comfortably.
  • Finally, they will recommend the type of spectacle lenses for your child and advise on eye hygiene.

But that is not all! If a young patient wishes to receive professional advice from an eyeglass frame stylist, they will have such an opportunity. We will select glasses so that they fit perfectly to the young person's physiognomy, the shape of their face, as well as their personality. We offer frames of world brands such as Ray-Ban, Vogue, Solano, Belutti, Fisher Price - frame prices start from PLN 149!

For our youngest patients, we provide a one-year guarantee against mechanical damage, loss of glasses or change in the vision impairment (find out more in the showroom).

If your child has a subsc.ription to Medicover, we will carry out the eye examination described above without any additional charges. Otherwise, we will charge PLN 109.

2. Eye examination with contact lens fitting

Are you a parent of a teenager and do increasingly more often hear that your child would like to wear contact lenses? Glasses, of course, can be very stylish, the frames designed according to the latest trends, but the problem for teenagers can be the very fact of having them. Children may not feel comfortable when with others, they may feel uncomfortable, restricted.

Being aware of the needs of all patient groups, Medicover Optyk also offers comprehensive examinations for children aged 10-16 with contact lens fitting. We take an individual approach to each young patient and prepare a tailor-made offer. Therefore, the whole process is divided into 3 visits. This is a paid package which includes:

1st appointment:

  1. As a first step, an optometrist will interview both parent and child - they will want to find out as much as possible about needs, lifestyle, medical history and any previous corrections.
  2. Afterwards, they will verify the power of vision correction and the status of binocular vision.
  3. Then, our specialist will check the condition of your child's eyes under a slit lamp to ensure that the young person can safely wear the contact lenses. With this confidence, they will order trial lenses and schedule your next appointment.

Note: You will pay for the entire fitting process once at your first appointment.

2nd appointment:

  1. The second appointment will start with checking how the child sees in the chosen contact lenses (the specialist will determine their position and behaviour when looking in different directions and when bl.inking and will check that the lenses do not cause eye irritation).
  2. The optometrist will then teach you how to apply and remove your lenses correctly and how to look after your lenses properly.
  3. At the end of this visit the patient will receive a free packet of trial lenses to test at home.

3rd appointment:

  1. After a few days of wearing the contact lenses, the next appointment with the optometrist will be scheduled so that the child can talk to the practitioner about their comfort and vision.
  2. The optometrist will again check in the slit lamp whether the lens fits correctly on the eye, does not cause micro-damage and whether the visual acuity is satisfactory for the patient.

For children with the Medicover subsc.ription the price is PLN 109, and for others it is PLN 159.

We recommend that a spectacle correction is fitted before choosing contact lenses. If for some reason this order is not possible, you should bring to the appointment the result of a funduscopic examination carried out not later than 3 months before.

We encourage you to have your contact lens fitting done by a professional. The optometrist, using their experience and knowledge, and considering the patient's visual needs, can make the optimal choice. Eyesight is very important - it is not worth experimenting on your own to find the right corrective solutions.

If you want to make an appointment for any of the eye examinations described above, you can do it at a Medicover Optyk showroom, through the 500 900 925 Contact Centre helpline or at the reception of Medicover Medical Centre.