This examination is a comprehensive assessment of the bladder and urethral functions. It is performed by means of special catheters introduced through the urethra into the bladder and through the anus into the rectum. This pain-free procedure lasts for approximately 40 minutes, most of it is done with the patient seated on a specially prepared seat. We do our best to ensure an intimate and stress-free atmosphere for the patient.


On the day before the examination

Only easily digestible food products and drink non-sparkling liquids are to be consumed. In the evening, apply a glycerine suppository into the anus to empty the bowels. If the desired effect does not take place, aplly an enema (ready-made products can be purchased at a pharmacy).

On the day of the examination

In the morning, empty your bladder and bowels, then drink approx. 0.5 litre of liquids and have a light breakfast. To obtain reliable results, the examination should be performed when the bladder is full. Therefore, you should refrain from emptying the bladder for about 4 hours before the examination, if possible (the time varies from person to person).

Also, please bring your latest results of the following tests (if you have them):

  • urinalysis;
  • urine culture;
  • kidney function assessment (laboratory test results of urea, creatinine, uric acid);
  • ultrasound examination of the genital organ, kidneys; CT scan of the urinary tract, urography  and other (if performed);
  • prior urodynamic examination.