Health Screening For Adults

The screening is particularly intended for persons under the age of 35, who have little time to care about their health because of their numerous duties. This product is perfect for persons who want to undergo a health check quickly and conveniently and to learn how to prevent diseases in the future.

“Taking Care of Myself” Basic Health Screening for Adults ensures:

  • health check
  • early diagnosis of heart and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, diseases of the hematopoietic system, kidneys and liver, abnormalities in the functioning of the thyroid and asymptomatic infections
  • doctor’s recommendations for, e.g.: further diagnostics and treatment of the identified abnormalities, dietary recommendations and other changes of the lifestyle, necessary to prevent diseases and maintain good physical and mental health

“Taking Care of Myself” Basic Health Screening for Adults covers:

  • blood examination for blood diseases and inflammations
  • examinations for heart and cardiovascular disease risk factors
  • resting ECG for detection of arrhythmia and atrioventricular dissociation
  • laboratory test for diabetes
  • hormonal examination of the thyroid
  • blood tests assessing the functioning of the liver
  • laboratory test assessing the functioning of kidneys
  • blood test for hepatitis B and C
  • blood test for HIV
  • physical examination
  • blood pressure measurement
  • measurement of height, body weight, waist, BMI calculation
  • evaluation of the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
  • disease prevention counselling
  • review of medical results and recommendations

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