Have you noticed a disturbing change on your skin? Or maybe another beauty spot in your collection? Has a mark on your skin that you have had since your childhood has just expanded, changed its shape or colour? Don't panic. Have your skin marks examined by a dermatologist.

Benefit from a modern examination method called videodermatoscopy and make sure you don't risk melanoma. 

Melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer but it is curable if detected at an early stage.

In Poland, as many as 2,500 people develop melanoma every year. Unfortunately, half of them die because they do not seek medical attention fast enough.

Even healthy people, without any worrisome marks, should examine their skin every three years. If you have numerous marks, a relative of yours suffers/suffered from melanoma, you got sunburnt in your childhood, or you often go to a solarium, the frequency of your examinations should be decided by your dermatologist.


  • you have a light complexion - fair skin and hair;
  • you get sunburnt easily;
  • you have numerous different shaped pigment changes;
  • if you have melanoma cases in your family;
  • if you tan with difficulty;

you are in a melanoma high risk group. Do not take that risk and benefit from the „Skin marks under control” programme and examine your skin using videodermatoscopy. The package is available at Wołoska Medicover Centre in Warsaw.

Your benefits:

  • comprehensive assessment of pigment changes
  • assessment of all skin marks during one visit
  • possibility of early detection of cancerous skin changes
  • doctor's recommendations concerning further diagnostics and treatment of detected irregularities, as well advice concerning non-cancerous changes

Package includes:

  • examination of skin marks using videodermatoscopy
  • dermatologist's advice

The package is to be used within three (3) months from date of order confirmation.

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