Salmonella bacteria are a cause of various types of infections, e.g. inflammation of small and large intestine, food poisoning or typhoid fever. However, damage caused by Salmonella may not be limited only to the gastrointestinal tract. This bacteria type can cause infections of other internal organs and joints, or even cause sepsis, while Shigella bacteria cause dysentery.

Preparation for the test

  • Before collecting the samples, you should empty your bladder completely.
  • The faeces sample should be placed in a special container that comes with an applicator.
  • The sample should be taken with an apllicator and then placed in the mentioned container.
  • The date and time of the sample collection should be written on each of the containers.
  • The samples for this test should be collected on three consecutive days (one stool sample each day).
  • The samples collected on the first and second day can be stored in room temperature. Iin the morning of the third day, upon collecting the last sample, you should deliver all three samples to the collection point.